From the House of Ideas: The Folio Society Collects Classic Spidey for their Marvel Heroes Library

While the entire universe is swinging into Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse with its massive $120 million opening weekend, the name Miles Morales is on everyone’s tongue yet again. These films have done an amazing job of making Miles a household name while also reaffirming that the most popular superhero in the world is Spider-Man, regardless of who’s under the mask.

Recently the folks at The Folio Society released Spider-Man, another in their gorgeous Marvel Heroes library of titles. These slipcased editions contain various stories from throughout the character’s 60+ year run, ranging from Peter Parker’s first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 all the way up to the second issue of Spider-Men, featuring the first meeting between Peter and Miles Morales.

Spider-Man also contains a stunning reproduction of The Amazing-Spider Man #1, ads and all. As per the PR, “Avoiding all digital remastering, Folio has scanned an original collector’s copy, leaving no authentic detail excluded, from vintage toy ads to grains in the newsprint.

We’ve reviewed previous editions from The Folio Society, and the Marvel Heroes Spider-Man edition falls in line beautifully with the titles devoted to Doctor Strange and Black Panther. You can order your copy here.

Meanwhile, in the regular Marvel 616 comic universe, The Amazing Spider-Man #26 saw a serious moment that will actually change the face of the comics…for awhile, at least. In case you haven’t seen the news, I won’t spoil it for you, other than to say that one of the more memorable characters of the past ten years sacrifices their life to save Mary-Jane Watson.

Written by Zeb Wells and illustrated by John Romita Jr., the death in The Amazing Spider-Man #26 is significant, but it felt for me, who has been reading the series, as if it came out of nowhere. I genuinely forgot the character in question was even part of the supporting cast, so I’m not sure if having this moment take place in a Spidey comic was the best way to go.

Now fully in the present, the Emissary has returned and his power is so far beyond Spider-Man’s abilities. The heroes may figure out a way to win, but the cost of victory will be so immense that you may hope they don’t…

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