Trailer Time: You’ll Believe a Man Can Run in “The Flash”

Forget the world. Can The Flash save the DC Expanded Universe? Both Shazam: Fury of the Gods and Black Adam failed at the box office. Behind the scenes, James Gunn is readying his hard reboot of the entire DCEU. The pressure for The Flash to over-perform is tremendous. Interestingly, The Flash isn’t the biggest selling point for The Flash. It’s the reappearance of beloved actors reprising roles, namely Michael Keaton as Batman. Ben Affleck shows up as Bruce Wayne and Michael Shannon returns as General Zod. Even for a casual fan, it’s a heady combination of nostalgia and newness. Cast thine eyes upon the latest trailer for The Flash, which promises multiple crises on infinite Earths, a plethora of classic superheroes, and a man running really, really fast.

The Flash is slated for release by Warner Bros. on June 16, 2023.

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