Gilbert Speaks on “Sorry About The Demon”

I love when Shudder sends me films to review for Biff Bam Pop!, and when the film is a horror-comedy with likeable characters and a demon with attitude, it is an extra treat for all.

Sorry About the Demon

Produced by Aaron B. Koontz, and written and directed by the talented Emily Hagens, Sorry About The Demon stars Jon Michael Simpson, Jeff McQuitty, Olivia Ducayen, and Paige Evans. The title hints that this film will be funny, and it is, but with enough scary parts to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Jon Michael Simpson plays Will, a loser with a big heart. Will works as a customer service agent for a toothpaste company with the worst tasting toothpaste on the market and just can’t seem to commit to a career. He has many projects that never get completed. His girlfriend Amy (Paige Evans) wants him to get his act together, but Will just has too many cakes in the oven. After they break up, Will must find a place to live. Luckily for Will, the Sellers’ family has put their old Victorian home up for rent. There is just one little problem. This house comes with a few ghosts, and one nasty demon.

What Will doesn’t know is that the owners of the home have made a deal with the demon. The demon needs a human sacrifice, or it will go after their young daughter, Grace (Presley Allard). While Will mourns the loss of his true love, the ghosts and demon begin to haunt him. They don’t really like Will and want him to leave the house. Will turns to his friend Patrick (Jeff McQuitty) and Patrick’s girlfriend, Aimee (Olivia Ducayen) for help. Aimee is an amateur ghost investigator, but when the demon takes control of Will’s girlfriend, it will take more than an exorcism to rid Will of this demon.


I really enjoyed watching Sorry About The Demon. The entire cast were on their top game, and there were no slow parts. The demon, voiced by Tony Vespe, while very frightening, stole the scene with its obnoxious attitude. This film worked because of the acting, the storyline, and because of the talented writing and directing of Emily Hagins. Keep your eye on her. She is going places

I think we forget that comedy and horror can go hand in hand. Just think back to the old Abbott and Costello films such as Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Sorry About The Demon was able to both frighten and make me laugh at the same time. I am giving this film an A+.

You can watch Sorry About The Demon on Shudder or on Amazon Prime. You won’t be sorry.

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