From the House of Ideas: Enroll in School With “Bishop: War College #1”

As Black History Month continues, the House of Ideas has released a new #1 featuring Bishop, one of Marvel’s most enduring and enigmatic characters of colour. Over the past 30, as part of X-Men lore, Bishop has been a hero, a villain, and victim as he works to save the world from the horrible future that he came from.

I stopped reading X-Men not long before Bishop was created, but I’ve enjoyed many of the storylines he’s been a part of over the years, most notably the original Age of Apocalypse and Messiah Complex. The character has been a core piece of the recent Krakoa stories, and is now headlining Bishop: War College.

Featuring a creative team of colour that includes writer Jason Holtham and artist Sean Hill, Bishop: War College finds the title character training a group of mutants to be protectors of Krakoa. However, even with the best of intensions, Bishop’s training style feels extreme and alienating to his students. Will he be able to get his team together is the question that needs answering, especially when the racist Strucker Twins, Andrea and Andeas, manage to infiltrate Krakoa.

Holtham and Hill are doing some solid team-building in Bishop: War College #1, and left me keen to see where the series will go, especially with the final page of the book, which is a cool doozy and guaranteed I’ll be reading #2. You’ll have to pick up the book yourself to see what I’m talking about, but I think you’ll find it pretty damn interesting.

THE ALL-NEW, ALL-GREAT X-MEN DEBUT! Krakoa is an island paradise, and it’s a vulnerable one…but not with Lucas Bishop on the case! Armor, Surge, Cam Long, Aura Charles, Amass – these are his students. Their course objective: Get strong. Defend the island. Keep mutantkind safe. What does any of that have to do with an all-Black X-Men team? Find out here! Celebrated TV writer J. Holtham (Cloak and Dagger, Jessica Jones) joins forces with artist Sean Damien Hill for a blockbuster brawl with the fate of all Krakoa at stake!

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