Holiday Gift Guide 2022 Figure Friday: Deck the Halls with Seasonal Star Wars and Santa Figures

We are full swing into the Season of Mariah and as shipping deadlines loom near, there are still some great holiday themed figures you can ask Santa to drop off when he’s Back In Town.

Mythic Legions Father Christmas

I recently featured the Figura Obscura line of Mythic Legions and speculated that we might get a Father Christmas in the near future. Well, the Horsemen decided that This Christmas was the time to deliver the goods. Announced over the weekend, Father Christmas hit my doorstep this morning just in time to be included in this week’s Figure Friday column. At the time of this writing, he’s still available and if you’ve got a figure collector in your life, this will more than likely be a better gift than what you got them Last Christmas.

Father Christmas comes packed in more beautifully illustrated collector friendly packaging. Shout out to Nathan Baertsch for the amazing artwork that once again doubles as a backdrop featuring a snowy Winter Wonderland. Packed inside the box is everything Santa will need to pack under the tree. Don’t have a tree? They packed one of those in as well. Toys, musical instruments, a huge walking staff with a lantern, 2 head portraits with wreath crowns for each. The red robes are the nicest soft goods I’ve ever seen on a figure. Fully wired with black and gold trim that looks like some lovely ribbon you’d find on Christmas Wrapping. The purple gown underneath isn’t wired but provides a nice contrast to the red and white. The hood is removable to give you multiple looks so you’ll never know which Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town.

If all of that wasn’t enough, Father Christmas comes bearing gifts for the rest of your Mythic Legions collection. I won’t spoil what they are, but you’ll be able to use them year-round. If you want to have a Wonderful Christmastime, make sure to get your order in before they sell out!

Star Wars Black Series Holiday Figures

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to be a Star Wars collector. Hasbro has once again gone back to the only repaint that I approve… the Holiday Editions! While I’m not trying to be a Grinch, this is the first go round with this particular repaint style that I’m not going for the set. Of the 4 I plan to get, I’m only missing the Biker Scout with Grogu from Walmart, so let’s take a quick look at the Three Kings that I was able to get my hands on.

Wookie – Gamestop Exclusive

It’s a Wookie Bumble mashup. This line has peaked. The White Wookie is the perfect Star Wars Holiday figure. This will not be debated and I’m tempted to put him on my Figure of the Year list based strictly on my love for both Wookies and Bumbles. The Blue accents look great on the otherwise blank canvas and let you know that this is one humble Bumble Wookie.

Mandalorian Warrior – Target Exclusive

Sporting a Mando themed Christmas sweater and green and white striped shin guards, the Mandalorian Warrior looks like he’s ready for Life Day. This is what I love about this line. Bold, festive colors that smack you across the face and Jingles your Bells. Throw in a Bogling and a sniper rifle to complete the offering and this Warrior is ready to Step Into Christmas.

Phase II Clone Trooper – Hasbro Pulse Exclusive

With the Bumble Wookie in the wave, everyone else was already competing for second place. While most of the best holiday themed Black Series figures have leaned into the gaudy green and red, Hasbro decided to go a little sweeter. It paid off. The Gingerbread Clone Trooper is one of the better executed ideas they’ve tried in the holiday line. It’s so good I wouldn’t be surprised if they went back and tried to give the other troopers similar gingerbread paint apps. This line might not be everyone’s cup of cocoa, but I love revisiting them each year.

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