31 Days of Horror 2022 Presents Figure Friday: Take a Bite Out of Count Orlok + a New Sam from Trick or Treat

It’s Figure Friday AND the end of week one of BBP’s 31 Day of Horror! So you’d better believe I’m going to come complete with all the spookiest action figures in celebration of the season. 

You know, I’m not trying to be a Halloween humbug but I am finding it hard to conjure up the holiday spirit this year. I think that’s mostly due to last year being my first Halloween as a homeowner and finding out my neighborhood got next to no trick or treaters. Granted, it wasn’t something I researched before buying my house but with hindsight being 20/20 it should have at least been on the list.

Anyways, here’s them scary toys I promised.

Nosferatu Ultimates! Count Orlok by Super7

Super7 has done it again with this seasonally appropriate and public domain (?) father or ALL vampire movies, Count Orlok from Nosferatu! If you haven’t seen Nosferatu it’s probably on the YouTube right now so you should go and fix that. The movie is ONE HUNDRED years old and there’s a reason why its endured. Heck, it’s because of this movie that we have Twilight. I probably could have used countless other, better examples but I will always take the easy way out, especially when it comes to cheap jokes.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in? Them’s the rules.”

There’s also a whole coffin-full of more expensive Count Orloks that are up for preorder right now but I wanted to focus on Super7’s version because of their more affordable price point of $54.99. Check out all the stuff that comes with it!

Count Orlok figure

  • 3 Interchangeable heads
    • Hypnosis head
    • Night Cap head
    • Neutral head
  • 4 Pairs of interchangeable hands
    • Expressive
    • Fist
    • Gripping
    • Open palm
  • Rat
  • Keyring

You can preorder this sucker now and have him in time for next Halloween since we all know the season starts in August.

Trick ‘r Treat Sam Deluxe 1/6 Scale Figure by Trick or Treat Studios

It’s always a balancing act when selecting which toys I’m going to write about. The three categories of toys I generally pick from are 1) fun and affordable for all, 2) for the serious and discerning collector, and 3) would’t it be cool it we all won the lottery?

That last one is a bit of sticking point because it’s not a topic I can effectively write about since my action figure purchases rarely go north of $100. I honestly get a little sweaty writing about most Hot Toys due to them being less toys and more art pieces, in my eyes. If you want to see something REALLY SCARY, take a look at this lifelike Thor bust. It’s $4,000 and I honestly don’t know what you’d do with it. I mean, I don’t know what you would do with it. I know what I would do with it…

Anyways, Trick ‘r Treat is one of my hands down, all time favourite Halloween movies. I am a sucker for a good anthology film (which this is) and it’s just the right mixture of funny and spooky that makes it required annual viewing for me. There’s probably something deep in the BBP! archives where I wrote about finding the movie as part of a seasonal DVD display at a K-Mart that was made up of a bunch of direct to video dreck. I ended up getting the disc from Netflix in the mail and fell in love with it instantly. There was a lot of old fashioned stuff in the last two sentences so I’m probably overdue to schedule a colonoscopy.

Like any good horror icon there are countless versions of the movie’s mascot Sam out there but this one is for sure the best one to date. Check it out:

Trick or Treat Studios and Legendary are proud to present the officially licensed Trick ‘r Treat Deluxe 1:6 Scale Sam Figure!

This amazing figure stands approximately 10″ tall and features 30+ points of articulation so that you can pose your figure perfectly for display!

The figure is clothed in a screen-accurate costume with a soft fleece onesie featuring patchwork details and burlap and rope mask materials. The sidewalk base features artificial grass and stormgrate detail. The base measures 7.5″deep and 5.5″ wide. To round the package out, the figure comes in a beautiful Collectors Box with a flip-back window display.

I’ve been fairly content with my cadre of Sam collectibles but this one is pretty damn tempting considering the price and the scale of the figure. I also feel that I need to keep buying Trick ‘r Treat merchandise to help fund the sequel film, which is thiiiiis close to happening. What’s the harm in preordering it now? I’ll just wind up with a shockingly scary credit card bill next March when it’s due to arrive, and isn’t that just the reason for the season?

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