Gilbert Speaks on ‘How Dark They Prey’

Film Valor and directors Jamison M. Locascio and Adam Ambrosio have produced a dark anthology. It is horror at its best, and this granny loved How Dark they Prey.

How Dark They Prey

How Dark They Prey is a joyride into the dark side of mankind, starting with the first story in this four-part-anthology. The film, which stars Josiah Schneider, Samuel James Pygatt, Timothy Paul Jobe, Jeff Ronan, Alisha Spielmann, Marc Lubbers, and David Johnson begins with an investigation into UFOs and ends with a kidnapping and torture.

When Trent UFO (Jeff Ronan) and his cameraman (Paul Pallotta) visit a family who have claimed seeing and interacting with alien lifeforms, they get more than a good story for their show.

When WW2 American soldiers (James M. Reilly) and (Samuel James Pygatt) find themselves trapped in a foxhole and cut off from their platoon, they and the German officer (Timothy Paul Lobe) they’ve captured begin to wonder if they are indeed in hell.

The next story is about a young man (Josiah Schneider) grieving the loss of his father, when he comes upon a strange fisherman (Marc Lubbers) who talks about the creature in the lake. Who is this creature and was it responsible for the death of Kevin’s father?

The last vignette, and my favourite, is about a police officer (David Johnson) doing a routine traffic stop. He and the woman (Alisha Spielmann) and her infant that he pulls over not only find themselves drugged and kidnapped, but fighting for their lives as they try to escape Nelly the ghost and two men with a liking for chainsaws.


All four vignettes were good, but my favourite was definitely the last one. David Johnson was hilarious as the good cop trying to make sense of the kidnapping, but more so, his learning that the captive woman has her own menagerie of dark secrets. How Dark They Prey is coming to Amazon Prime Video and Watch Movies Now on September 15th.

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