Gilbert Speaks on ‘Aftermath’

When you buy a house with a traumatic history, you never know what you are walking into. Netflix’s Aftermath shows us that not everything that goes bump into the night is a ghost.


Aftermath is an American thriller directed by Peter Winther, and stars Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore. The film is loosely based on the true events that happened to Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter. The film begins with a murder/suicide. We hear the frantic call from the wife before the shooting starts.

Kevin Dadich (Shawn Ashmore) is working with a Crime Cleanup team that comes in and cleans up the remaining blood and gore of a recent murder. His wife Natalie (Ashley Greene) is trying to start up her own clothing design. Their marriage is in shambles due to infidelity on Natalie’s part. They are trying to save the marriage with the help of a marriage counselor (Juliette Jeffers). The counselor suggests that they should move out of the house where the affair took place and into a new home. Money is tight, but one of the homes that Kevin recently cleaned is up for sale and way below the going price.

Soon after purchasing the home from the relatives, Robert (Alexander Bedria) and Sarena (Soraya Kelley), of the murder/suicide couple, Kevin and Natalie go to work on saving their marriage, but it isn’t long before things start going wrong. Items in the home start to disappear, the temperature in the house constantly drops to freezing, and porn magazines are delivered in the mail. Natalie becomes frantic when the dog behaves as though someone or something is in the house, and she starts seeing and hearing things. No one believes her, not even the Officer (Sharif Atkins) sent to the house to investigate. Are they dealing with angry spirits? After their dog is poisoned, Kevin becomes suspicious of his wife. Is she still seeing her lover?


Aftermath is a superb thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Is the house haunted? If so, how can a spirit order porn magazines or order flowers for Natalie? Natalie starts to question if the gruesome deaths that occurred in the house were staged, and if so, why? The last twenty minutes of the film will floor you. I highly recommend you watch this film. As a professional spirit investigator, believe me when I say that some things are much scarier than the dead.

You can watch Aftermath on Netflix.

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