Gilbert Speaks on ‘A Town Full of Ghosts’

Do you like ghost stories? Did you ever visit a haunted hotel or town? When Mark and Jena invest their entire life savings on an abandoned ghost town, they get more than they bargained for. Some towns should stay forgotten.

A Town Full of Ghosts

This film was interesting to watch. It’s almost a mix between the DIY channel and Dead Files. Would you invest everything you own to buy a ghost town, knowing about its dark history? Maybe if you have an investor who is willing to help you turn an old western town, in the middle of nowhere, into a tourist attraction. All Blackwood Falls needs is a truck load of fixing up, internet service, electricity, running water, and an easier way to get to the town. I could see it being a destination spot for avid ghost hunters, and that is what Mark (Andrew C Fisher) and his wife Jenna (Mandy Lee Rubio) are counting on.

A Town Full of Ghosts was written and directed by Isaac Rodriguez and produced by Rodriguez and Cynthia Bergen. It stars Mandy Lee Rubio, Andrew C Fisher, Ali Alkhafaji, Lauren Lox, Keehee Suki, Sarah Froelich, and Mike Dell. It is said that Isaac Rodriguez got the idea for the film after visiting the J. Lorraine Ghost Town in Austin Texas, then used that ghost town to make his film.

Mark hires his cousin, Justin (Ali Alkhafaji) and Justin’s girlfriend Lisa (Lauren Lox) to be the film crew for Mark’s daily podcast. They want to draw attention to the town as they not only investigate, but also start the reconstruction. This town has the weirdest maze ever. I would never walk through it even in daylight. What Mark hasn’t revealed to anyone is that he is down to his last three hundred dollars, so that investor (Mike Dell) needs to come through big time.

Mark is so out of his league with the work needed to make this place presentable for the investor, that he hires Billy (Keehee Suki) a grounds keeper/ bodyguard. Billy tells Mark the story behind Blackwood that includes a brothel run by a witch.


A Town Full of Ghosts is filmed Blair Witch style with the actors speaking into the camera. This town has a horrible history. Maybe that’s why it’s abandoned. The scary stuff begins right away with the disappearance of a crew member, but the dead are not the only frightful ones.

The film premieres on digital platforms on June 17. I enjoyed it. You will, too.

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