Neal Adams 1941 – 2022

Comic book legend Neal Adams has sadly passed away.

I was shocked to read the news because it feels like I just saw him at C2E2…but then I remembered that was two years ago and I haven’t been to a comic convention since then.

Much like his collaborator Denny O’Neil, Adams really WAS a legend in every sense of the word. In the over two decades since I began attending comic cons, Adams was a near-constant fixture at everyone I attended. It blew my mind that the artist that created Ra’s al Ghul and worked on the historic Green Lantern/Green Arrow book was RIGHT there doing sketches and signing books.

The real kicker was that he was friendly too.

I never had anything signed by Adams but I was able to say hello on occasion and let him know that I appreciated his work. He always seemed to be having a blast whenever I walked by his table (well, table is putting it mildly…it was a less of a table and more of an experience the last time I saw it).

Neal Adams was one of the greats and he will be missed.

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