Gilbert Speaks on Blake Ridder’s ‘Help’

How well do you know your friends? Really, how well do you know them?  In Blake Ridder’s film, Help Grace learns that a weekend at her friends, reveals a lot of deadly secrets.


Help is a British psychological thriller that was written and directed by Blake Ridder. The film stars Emily Redpath, Sarah Alexandra Marks, Louis James, and Blake Ridder as David. The film begins with a breakup between Grace (Emily Redpath) and her long-distance boyfriend, Chris (Stuart Wolfe-Murray). He wants more, she wants less.

To help her deal with the breakup, Grace decides to ride into the countryside to visit her friends Liv (Sarah Alexandra Marks) and Ed (Louis James). It’s Ed’s birthday, but when Grace arrive she bumps into the neighbor, David (Blake Ridder). This neighbor, who might be somewhere on the Autism scale, tries to warn Grace that there is something bad going on in the house. Grace ignores the friendly warning, which she will come to regret in the explosive finale.


The partof Help that really intrigued me was the relationship between Grace and Liv. I actually felt like I was an intruder at someone’s home. It’s not easy being a weekend guest, and trying not to interfere with the normal running of a home, and you can feel Grace’s uneasiness as she realizes not everything is fine with her friends…but who is the real monster? If you have ever spent the weekend with friends, I guarantee you…you learn stuff…stuff that you don’t want to know.

I really enjoyed Help because Blake Ridder did a great job of illusion with the plot. I have reviewed enough films to usually spot the bad guys are at the start of a film, but this film sure fooled me. You are led to believe a set of events: you pick sides, but then the rug gets pulled from under you. Everyone: Grace, Live, Ed, and even David has secrets…some which should have been kept in the box…and that box wrapped shut with a whole roll of duct tape.

You can watch Help on VOD digital download here in the USA and Canada now.

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