Gilbert Speaks on “The Long Night”

Sometimes, it’s better not to go looking for family. Sometimes, you get more than you expected. The Rich Ragsdale film, The Long Night, hits home with its spooky Rosemary’s Baby vibe about expectations.

The Long Night

When a New York couple Grace (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Jack (Nolan Gerard Funk) receive information concerning Grace’s family, the couple take a road trip down south, and right into a nightmare from hell. Directed by the multi-talented Rich Ragsdale, the film takes the viewer into a bizarre world of nightmarish cultism.

The Long Night, which is divided into vignettes, begins with Grace and Jack driving to the deep south to meet up with the man who has information on Grace’s family, but when they arrive at Frank Caldwell’s house, he isn’t there. Now, if this were me, I would head out to the nearest motel to wait for Frank, but no…Grace finds a key under the mat and decides to wait for Frank in his house. We are never told why Grace was separated from her family at a young age, but through flashbacks, we watch a very young Grace running from something in the woods.

With no cell service, and the landline not working, the couple decide to stay even after finding a huge rattlesnake in the kitchen. It isn’t long before the trouble begins. After being accosted by people dressed in robes and animal skulls, the couple try to leave but it is too late. What does the cult leader (Erika Stasiuleviciute) want with Grace? Does this have anything to do with her childhood memories?

Conclusion with Spoilers

There were some great scares in the film, but this Granny knows that any couple who live in New York would be a little more street smart than Grace and Jack were when they arrived at Caldwell’s home. The fact that they just moved their luggage and selves into someone’s home without the homeowner’s knowledge was a big mistake. Who does that? The flashbacks were a bit confusing because at some point, I was lost as to what I was seeing. I had mentioned in the beginning that The Long Night had a Rosemary’s Baby type of vibe to it, but I could not wrap my head around the reason the Cult needed Grace’s baby.

As a science fiction writer who absolutely loves horror films, I feel that The Long Night would have been more enjoyable if we had a better understanding of the back story of the cult leader and her relationship to Grace. That connection alone, would have been awesome to delve into…but what we got was lots of scares and not enough backstory that made sense to me.

I would say to give The Long Night a chance. Watch it, and let me know what you think.

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