Geoff Johns to Return to the World of Flashpoint With “Flashpoint Beyond”

Artwork courtesy DC Comics

Hot off the presses from DC today! It’s Flashpoint Beyond!

Issue #0 from Geoff Johns and Eduardo Risso Will Be Available at Local Comic Book Stores on April 5

Six Issue Mini-Series Written by Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams and Tim Sheridan with Art by Xermánico Available Bi-Weekly Starting on April 19

Over ten years have passed since the earth-shattering, timeline-changing event known as FLASHPOINT hit comic book stands. On April 5, legendary writer Geoff Johns will come back to the alternative world he created in the six issue mini-series FLASHPOINT BEYOND.

Artwork courtesy DC Comics

Kicking off the event is the 48-page FLASHPOINT BEYOND #0 featuring artwork by Eduardo Risso (100 BULLETS). After sacrificing everything to help The Flash put the universe back together and save Bruce Wayne’s life, Thomas Wayne wakes up in a world he thought was no more. Forced to don the cowl once again, Batman prowls the streets of Gotham City searching for answers to how this world still exists, but what he starts to uncover will send him hurtling around the globe. The hunt for the Clockwork Killer starts here!

Artwork courtesy DC Comics

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