Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Gift Cards & Last Minute Purchases


You’ve waited until the last possible moment to get a gift for that certain someone again, haven’t you?

Well, no worries, friend-o. Biff Bam Pop! understands and thanks you for your continued reading patronage. It doesn’t matter the reason for your holiday shopping trepidation, misgivings, procrastinations, forgetfulness or general thoughtlessness. No judgement here. We’ll always have your back, whether it’s Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or any special time that falls within!

But time’s a-wasting, so let’s get at it, shall we?

The Drug/Pharmacy Store Gift Card

No matter where you live, no matter what day it is, no matter the time, there’s a drug store near you that is open. And said drug store will offer a variety of gift cards to all sorts of businesses and other retail delights including restaurants, video game platforms, clothing stores, liquor stores, pre-purchased credit cards and, of course, themselves. 

The Mall Gift Card

Have you got one of those indoor and/or outdoor malls nearby? Then head over, visit the customer service booth, and ask for a mall gift card. The receiver of said gift (generally available in increments of $10 or more) will be able to shop in any of the dozens to hundreds of stores housed within the confines of the mall. There’s got to be something there for them! And if you’ve got an extra minute of spare time, look classy in the giving and get customer service to wrap that sweet, sweet mall gift card up for you.

The Big Box Retailer Gift Card

The home reno business continues to be popping with the COVID pandemic now heading into its third calendar year. Jeez, where does the time go, when you’re busy sawing, nailing and screwing decks, swing sets and BBQ sets together? Know someone who has a house, a townhome, a condo…or a life? The big box retailers have something for everyone.

Masks and neck gaiters (for the trendy and less risk averse)

This holiday season, you could potentially save the life of someone you love! COVID-19 is still out there, friends! And as we move into what could be the beginnings of an endemic stage, we need to still trapeze our way through the highly, highly, highly infectious Omicron variant stage. Sure, the blasted virus may be airborne and medical grade masks may be necessary, but I don’t see those infection prevention and control items sporting the Milan catwalk stylings of still good-to-use two-layer or three-layer masks and neck gaiters! Perfect fashion accompaniments for the winter season, if you ask me. And perfect gifts, too.

Your Favoutite Store’s Gift Certificate

If they’re not open with regular hours these days, your local favourite store (maybe it’s a comic book shop!) should be able to offer their own gift cards and/or gift certificates via appointment, email or curb-side pick-up. Here’s the great thing about this idea: not only are you gifting someone a thoughtful form of money that they can use on whatever they like in a particular business establishment, but also you’re gifting a small part of your own personality and interests at the same time. This is not just any place. No. This is your favourite store or restaurant or shop. You are selflessly giving of your innermost self with this gift decision. Plus, you’re also helping a local establishment at a time when small, sole-proprietor owned shops could use all the help they can get. This is really a quick win-win-win kind of gift. And you should give the gift of winning this holiday season.

Ok! That’s the list today. The last list, and maybe the most important list, of the year!

You’re ready! Now, get out there…and, from all of us here at Biff Bam Pop!, have yourself a merry holiday season! Ring them bells, peace on earth and good pop culture to all!

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