Biff Bam Pop! Exclusive: Slash Talks About Scoring “The Breach”, His Favourite Horror Scores & Movies, Guns N’ Roses + More

When Raven Banner offered BBP! the chance to talk to Slash, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and legendary guitarist for Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver about his work contributing to the score to the upcoming film The Breach, we jumped at the chance. This is Slash, after all, who along with being one of the greatest guitar players of any generation, is also a big horror fan, having produced the 2013 film Nothing Left To Fear under his Slasher Films banner.

Written by Nick Cutter and Ian Weir, based on a book by Cutter, and directed by Rue Morgue Magazine founder/publisher Rodrigo Gudiño, The Breach “follows a police chief in his last days in his role in a tiny Northern Ontario town. However, when a body with uncanny wounds washes up, the man is pulled into a horrific mystery.

Initially, I was supposed to Slash in person, as he was in Toronto for the first screening of The Breach, but family commitments had me talking to him over FaceTime. It wasn’t a problem though; as Slash said to me off the top, he’s been doing interviews this way since the pandemic began so another FaceTime chat was easy.

In our interview, which you can hear below, we discuss how he came onboard with The Breach, and his love of Rue Morgue Magazine (I used to write for the magazine under the watchful eye of former Editor-in-Chief Dave Alexander, one of the masterminds behind Untold Horror). We also talk about our favourite horror scores, what we look for in a horror film, and much more. Oh, and for you Guns N’ Roses fans, there’s some Not In Your Lifetime tour talk, along with details on an upcoming Use Your Illusion box set. Admittedly, I wear my GnR love on my sleeve by interview’s end, so I hope you can appreciate my enthusiasm.

Slash talks to Biff Bam Pop!’s Andy Burns

Thanks Andrew Hunt and Michael Paszt from Raven Banner for the opportunity, and to Slash for his time. We have an interview with The Breach director Rodrigo Gudiño to come as well, so stay tuned.

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