From the House of Ideas: “Kang The Conqueror #4”, “Moon Knight #4”, “X-Force #25”

This week, it’s a rundown of three issues that I read quickly and enjoyed immensely from Marvel:

First up is Kang The Conqueror #4, from writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and artist Carlos Magno. To be transparent, I missed reading the third issue when it was released last month, so I read both back to back. I’m really enjoying the story the creative team is telling; it’s a mix of time-travel, as you’d expect from the character, but there’s a surprising love story aspect to the series as well. The book serves as something of crash course in Kang and his multiple itineration throughout the centuries, so you won’t be reading this passively; you’ve got to pay attention to the whos, wheres, and whys. If you’re into a location and time-hopping tale, from ancient Egypt to the far-off future, you’ll likely enjoy this series.

I’m also seriously loving the current Moon Knight series from writer Jed McKay and artist Alessandro Cappuccio, partly because I’m watching The Sopranos and seeing Moon Knight regularly visit a therapist to work out his “issues” makes for good reading. Moon Knight #5 jumps into some of Marc Spector’s religious upbringing as the son of a rabbi, and how that background plays into his relationship with Khonshu and his views on God and faith; as a conflicted Jew myself, Spector’s feelings felt quite familiar. Though there’s plenty of super hero action throughout this issue, its real strength lay in the dialogue between Spector and Dr. Andrea Sterman, a conversation that recalls the best Tony Soporano’s scenes with Dr. Melfi. This was definitely my favourite read over the last seven days.

My final book for this week was the excellent X-Force #25, which finds Wolverine riding some serious waves around Krakoa. Yes, a big part of this tale is about Wolverine surfing on an adamantium surfboard, which is pretty fun to see. Sure, there’s more to this issue than that, as the relationship between Kid Omega and Phoebe Cuckoo also hits some rough water itself (see what I did there? Surfing, rough water?) Seeing these two youngsters run into problems is actually unfortunate, as I was finally beginning to like the character of Quinten Quire, and I have a feeling that writer Benjamin Percy is about to send Quire spiraling over the next few months of X-Force.

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