31 Days of Horror 2021: Gilbert Speaks on “Demigod”

I love watching horror films.  And Halloween season, which I feel deserves more than one month of the year, is the best time to do reviews on upcoming horror stories. Gravitas Ventures and Historia Films have a new film called Demigod that will be released in theaters and on Demand this Friday, October 15th.


Demigod, which is directed by Miles Doleac, begins with a few witches assisting in the birth of a demon. This demon is called Cerunnos aka Lord of the Hunt and protector of the forest. Jump ahead a few years and a couple are traveling Germany’s Black Forest. Robin Murphy (Rachel Nichols) and her husband Leo Murphy (Yohance Myles) are returning to Robin’s grandfather’s home, located deep in the forest.

The house was left to her by her grandfather, Karl (Jeremy London) who Robin hasn’t seen since she was six years old. Karl was an excellent woodsman who knew all the history of the forest and all of the mythical creatures that were rumoured to live there. Robin’s one clear memory of Grandpa Karl is when after bringing down an elk, Karl forces little Robin to eat one of the animal’s eyes.

Leo is excited to visit Germany and to stay at Karl’s house. But Robin is uneasy…too many strange memories. Later that day, Leo and Robin meet Arthur (played by the film’s director Miles Doleac) and his child Amalia (Rachel Ryals). Arthur reminds Leo and Robin that the woods are dangerous at night and many people have gone missing.  Later that night, the witches not only capture Leo and Robin for their bloody sacrifice, but also Arthur, Amalia, and several unfortunate hikers. They are told by the witches Hettica (Lindsay Anne Williams), Latara (Elena Sanchez), and Fell (Sarah Fisher) that they must run and hide, for Cerunnos must kill them to keep the forest alive.


Demigod is a great supernatural tale, thanks in large part to the performance from Rachel Nichols, who really makes it all work.  Her character, Robin, is smart and she isn’t about to allow the horned beast to kill her or the little girl. I don’t want to give too much more information about Demigod, as it is out tomorrow, but I did enjoy it and think you will .

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