What’s Going On: Inglorious, Finn Askew, Noah Singer, Jaida Aneese, Livingston

In this week’s instalment of What’s Going On, we’ve got the latest releases from Jaida Aneese, Livingston, and Noah Singer. Plus, hot new tracks from across the pond courtesy of Finn Askew and British rock band Inglorious. As always, if you like what you hear, be sure to stream and follow the artists.

Inglorious – Heart’s 1977 single “Barracuda” has been covered and interpreted by a plethora of artists over the years, but what British hard rockers Inglorious have done with it is truly something special. And that’s not at all; their fiery take on the Heart classic is the first taste of what’s to come from their new project Heroine (due out on September 10th) that sees the band paying tribute to female artists by doing covers from everyone from legendary women of rock like Tina Turner and Joan Jett to pop divas Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera and so much more. On the decision to cover “Barracuda”, frontman Nathan James says: “Ann Wilson is THE goddess of rock vocals and we covered this magical tune from “77 to remind everyone just how much Heart rock.” Stay tuned to Biff Bam Pop! for more Inglorious goodness coming soon, including my chat with Nathan James.

Listen to Inglorious’ cover of “Barracuda” below.

Finn Askew – The future is Finn. Finn Askew, that is. The 20-year-old rising British pop star has the right sound for Gen Z, blending lo-fi bedroom pop, trap, and alt-rock. It’s no surprise that he’s heavily inspired by Lil Peep. His latest single “Adidas” is insanely catchy, with immediate singalong quality and that’s totally by design. On what he had in mind for the track, Finn Askew says: “I wanted to make a song where after the first listen the listener would be able to sing back the chorus word for word, I feel like I accomplished that with “Adidas”! It’s a proper ear worm. It’s also the first song I’ve released with my producer congee! he’s one of my favourite people to work with & this is the first of many bangers we have in the locker! I’m super excited about this song, I wrote it nearly 3 years ago so it’s about time the world heard it!”

Listen to Finn Askew’s new single “Adidas” below.

Noah Singer – South Florida singer-songwriter Noah Singer is captivating listeners with his new single “Sunrise.” A smooth and soulful slice of pop, “Sunrise” sounds just like the perfect late-summer day distilled down into a breezy 3-minute track. You know we love introducing you to promising new acts here in What’s Going On and Noah Singer is definitely one to watch. Explaining what “Sunrise” is about, Singer says: “”Sunrise” is a song about trying to overcome a rough patch in a relationship, and being there for one’s partner that is in a funk and not acting like themselves. “It is encouraging them to just look forward to the next day, so they can be at their best; therefore, we can thrive together.”

Listen to Noah Singer’s new single “Sunrise” below.

Jaida Aneese – TikTok sensation Jaida Aneese is ready to take the music world by storm with her debut single “Liquid.” The Ohio singer went viral with her “Doctor Chipped Me Prank on Boyfriend (Siri Edition)” video that has since gotten over 15 million views and now hopes that her music will catch on just as well. “Liquid” is carefree, fun, and flirty pop/R&B and a great way to kick off what should hopefully be a long fruitful career in music. Speaking on her first single, Jaida Aneese says: “I’m so excited to release ‘Liquid.’ When you love someone you really just wanna melt because of how strong the feelings are. This song just makes you want to vibe with your boo, best friend & soulmate.”

Listen to Jaida Aneese’s new single “Liquid” below.

Livingston – Talented teen Livingston is out now with his new single “Message In A Bottle.” The Texas-born pop singer, songwriter, and producer displays a knack for crafting songs that showcases wisdom beyond his years while still being incredibly accessible to listeners of all ages. Having already amassed over 20 million streams and 2 million followers on TikTok, “Message In A Bottle” is sure to keep that momentum going. Giving some insight on what “Message In A Bottle” means, Livingston says: “There are times when I waste so much potential thinking about what could have been – what I could have changed, what I would have said differently. I wanted to write a song about what it would feel like to let that go – to say one statement of closure and make peace with the change.”

Listen to Livingston’s new single “Message In A Bottle” below.

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