Gilbert Speaks on T+E’s Hotel Paranormal

It’s back! Dan Aykroyd is back with another season of ghostly stories on Hotel Paranormal to keep you up at night. Who doesn’t like a good old fashioned scare, right?


Hotel Paranormal airs its second season on July 2 on T+E at 9 pm ET/PT. We are all aware of Dan Aykroyd’s character, Dr. Ray Stantz from the Ghostbusters franchise, but did you know that Aykroyd is no stranger to ghosts and aliens? Aykroyd’s great grandfather was a prominent member of a spiritual religious movement that practiced communication with the dead. Aykroyd’s father is the author of A History of Ghosts.

Now you may wonder about ghosts, and some of you might not believe in an afterlife, but T+E recently ran a poll across Canada to help support the premiere of Hotel Paranormal, and guess what? Of the 1,000 Canadians polled, one in ten have checked into a haunted hotel, motel or inn with 45% claiming they had a spooky paranormal experience during their stay.

The second season of B offers even more bone chilling real life stories about encounters with the spirit world from people who have witnessed firsthand hauntings at grand hotels and motels across the globe. I was fortunate to see the first episode of season 02, and as a professional ghost investigator/ psychic/medium I have to say that you will definitely be frightened.  

The first episode is broken up into three vignettes. The first story is about a couple who have just purchased the Jefferson Hotel in Texas. They knew the history of the hotel and of its many documented hauntings, but they intended to use this history to draw in clients who wanted the experience and opportunity to communicate with the dead. The paranormal activity begins immediately as soon as the couple begin reconstruction and repairs in the hotel. The husband, Jeremy, was no stranger to ghosts, and had many experiences as a child. The couple are heavily invested in the property, but will they be able to have a working relationship with the angry spirit who doesn’t want them there?

The second story centers around a family’s visit to the Scottish Highlands. The spirit in this hotel attaches itself to the eleven-year-old boy and follows the family back home to the states. No one is sure why this angry spirit decided to attach itself to the boy, but it may be because children and animals are more aware of paranormal activity…and that is an open invitation for spirit to make contact.

The third story in the episode is about a couple’s vacation at a seaside hotel. The wife, Helena is a first uneasy when she enters their hotel room, but the beautiful, quaint bathroom has her changing her mind. She can’t wait to take a leisurely bath in the huge tub. It isn’t long before Helena meets the hotel’s ghost, and that is where it gets very scary. What does the female spirit want with Helena? Can Helena fight the hold that the dead woman has on her?


I have been seeing the dead since early childhood. Most of my encounters with spirits, except on three occasions, have been friendly. Learning how to communicate with spirits and avoiding nasty paranormal encounters is not something the uninitiated should try on their own. That said, the best way to learn about ghosts is with shows like Hotel Paranormal. Don’t forget to set a reminder to watch the ten-part documentary series starting on July 2nd on T+E…BOO!

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