What’s Going On: Nelly Furtado x Quarterhead, Ebhoni, Rogue Proxy, THRDL!FE, Love Ghost

This week’s edition of What’s Going On features new music from Ebhoni, THRDL!FE, Rogue Proxy, Love Ghost, and a fun new remix from Nelly Furtado x Quarterhead. As always, if you dig what you’re hearing, be sure to stream and follow these artists. 

Nelly Furtado x Quarterhead – Canadian national treasure Nelly Furtado hooked up with German duo Quarterhead for a new version of “All Good Things (Come To An End)”, a standout track and chart-topping single from Nelly’s 2006 album Loose. This reworking transforms the wistful and dreamy trip-hop-inspired song into a bonafide floor-filler complete with a euphoric thumping beat. Speaking of his excitement to work on this remix with Nelly Furtado, Janik Riegert of Quarterheard says: ““All Good Things” was one of the main pop anthems we grew up with. Nelly, Timbaland and Chris Martin are the people behind the soundtrack of our very first heartbreaks, best road trips and longest nights. To work on this project wasn’t just a remix for us.”

Listen to the Nelly Furtado x Quarterhead remix of  “All Good Things (Come To An End)” below.

Ebhoni – If you bottled up Toronto’s essence and turned it into music, it would sound like Ebhoni. Slick, confident, charming, vulnerable yet self-assured, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter is one of the most promising young stars coming out of Toronto today. On what inspired the darker and more introspective vibe of “Rep It”, Ebhoni says: “These last few months have been what felt the darkest time in my life, one being faced with a really bad relationship/situation. And while I was in the midst of it all nothing made sense. “Rep It” is truly me reflecting on that relationship and making this song provided me with so much clarity. It is a reflection of that trash relationship and how I’d never allow myself to get to a place like that again.”

Listen to Ebhoni’s new single “Rep It” below.

Rogue Proxy – I’ve said it on here before, some of the freshest and most exciting sounds today are coming out of Canada and the guys in Rogue Proxy are no exception with their new single “Solitary Confinement.” The Canadian rockers firmly have one foot in the rock world and one foot in the dance world with “Solitary Confinement” sounding like the perfect combination of Stone Temple Pilots and The Chemical Brothers. Describing what the Rogue Proxy ethos is all about, the duo says: “‘Rogue’ doesn’t follow rules or formulas during songwriting or production, but is driven instead by an ever-evolving AI and complex algorithm with one goal: to produce a new, genre-defying, and exciting musical experience. Our mantra is: Rogue Proxy lives in your speakers. Rogue Proxy lives in your T.V. Rogue Proxy is anywhere and everywhere it wants to be!”

Listen to Rogue Proxy’s new single “Solitary Confinement” below.

THRDL!FE – London-based DJ/producer THRDL!FE has quickly become a staple on the global dance scene. His latest release “Turn Me Up” sees him teaming up with Nigerian singer-songwriter Johnny Drille. The pairing works and results in the sort of summer song that you’ll be wanting to turn up. On how “Turn Me Up” came to be, THRDL!FE says: “It was one of the first songs I wrote in the first lockdown on zoom with my friend LPW, and we were inspired by spending more time with the people we love. I came across Johnny Drille’s music a while ago, and when it came time to finish the record, I knew he’d deliver a vocal that emphasized the emotions we were putting into the song, and he sounds even better than I expected.”

Listen to THRDL!FE’s new single “Turn Me Up” ft. Johnny Drille below.

Love Ghost – The lines between pop-punk and trap music have been increasingly blurred over the past half-decade, with young rappers wanting to sound like their favourite emo bands and bands wanting to emulate the innovative sounds of Soundcloud rap. Los Angeles band Love Ghost is striking the right balance with their single “Shine Like Gold.” The perfect hybrid of longing sad boy emo with lo-fi bedroom hip-hop sensibilities. Explaining what “Shine Like Gold” is all about, Love Ghost’s lead singer Finnegan Bell says: “We all have a part of us that shines through, that shines like gold. This song celebrates that uniqueness in all of us.”

Listen to Love Ghost’s new single “Shine Like Gold” below.

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