Heroes & Villains: Not Everyone’s Been Waiting For ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’

Another week, another nearly empty reserve box at my local comic shop. I had to text my friend at the shop and let him know I wouldn’t be making a special trip this week for just one book. DC is still climbing out of the Future State hole and relaunching their books (-ish. Batman and Superman just kind of continue on like nothing ever happened) and outside of the X-Men books Marvel isn’t doing too much I’m interested in. There are probably larger conversations to be had here but I’m sure the ship will right itself eventually.

In keeping with the ship metaphor, I am currently too far out to sea to see shore. In my younger days the sudden drought of superhero book would have signaled an existential crisis in me. Have I outgrown superhero books? Will I ever enjoy them again. Is it time to get really into sports? Should I start a podcast?

Things will come around. They always do.

Now that I’ve wasted almost 200 words by spinning my wheels, it’s time to write about the best Irish superheroes in comics since it’s St Patrick’s Day. You’ve got Banshee and Banshee’s daughter…Well, that’s my time everybody! See you next week!

Actually, as I write this we’re on the eve of the eve of one of the biggest comics adjacent events of the month. The Snyder Cut or Zach Snyder’s Justice League…something I’m so disinterested in I can’t even get it up to make fun of it anymore. (Editor’s Note; 24 hours and counting!!!…I may be counting.)

In the past I’ve avoided writing about it because it’s such a minefield that I feared I’d be branded a hater or a Marvel shill when neither could be further from the truth. I desperately want there to be a good DC movie, I’d love for there to be a great Superman movie, and I’d like to see DC do something other than Batman or Bat-adjacent properties for a change. I’m really hoping The Flash will be good…but I just don’t know.(The video of Andy Muschietti offering Sasha Calle the role of Supergirl really did get to me in the best possible way, so hope springs eternal).

Over the last few years, it’s been amusing to watch the internet get worked up into a foaming frenzy over the slightest whisper of a director’s cut of Justice League existing. It’s been equally funny to see the conversation go from, “It’s real and it’s on a hard drive at my house” to “It’s real but we need an additional $70 million and some reshoots to finish it.” Hearsay surrounding the project recently said that Warner Bros. planned to release it without finishing the special effects which would have been more of a kick in the teeth than what was released in theaters. Further still the blame has been shifted away from the studio and more and more onto the replacement director now that it’s been revealed he’s been a serial asshole for the last two-plus decades.

There’s something to be said about a studio allowing a director to realize their vision for a project. However, I don’t believe for a second they’re doing so out of the goodness of their hearts…they have to believe there’s a good chance they’re going to make some money on it and drive people to sign up for their new streaming service. Somewhere in a boardroom or on a Zoom call a slide has been shown containing the profit figures for subscribers who forget to cancel their subscription after the trail period has ended.

I’m pretty sure I have a complimentary HBO Max subscription bundled with my phone service but I’m about as likely to sign up for it as I am to sign up for the free year of AppleTV+ I got when I bought my last tablet. Stop telling me how great Ted Lasso is, I don’t care.

Having previously gone deep on a few #ReleaseTheSnyderCut threads on Twitter, I’m having a hard time believing the faithful among them will be 100% happy with the release of this miniseries. After the news broke that it WAS going to be released I had texted BBP!’s EiC jokingly saying that people weren’t going to be happy until the movie gets a theatrical run…and within hours of that I saw online petitions springing up demanding that very thing. It seems like the goalposts are constantly being moved. The movie won’t be a success until it’s been released in theaters…and it’s the number one movie for all time…forever…and it wins all the Oscars…and Batfleck was a good idea….Jared Leto too….and The Ayer Cut gets released.

There’s a constant need to seek validation through the things you enjoy and I get that. It always helps when an external force tells you that you haven’t wasted your time or effort on something. It makes life seem worthwhile. Did I watch every single episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in order last year? Yes. Was it a waste of time? Also yes. Did I get a shitty column out of it? Absolutely.

I feel like I’m treading awfully close to Shatner’s infamous “Get A Life!” sketch from Saturday Night Live so I’ll just reiterate that I desperately want there to be a good DC movie and I hope that the people who’ve been asking for this movie are happy with what they get. Selfishly, I hope that DC starts to move away from the “Brought to you by the producer who has only read Alan Moore and the director who has only ever read Frank Miller” take on their properties. I’ve already had to live through one grim & gritty comics era and I know there’s more to DC than that.

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