What’s Going On: St. Vincent, Andreas Moss, MARCOUX, Boslen, Command Sisters

This week’s edition of What’s Going On features the highly anticipated new single from St. Vincent as well as the latest releases from Andreas Moss, Boslen, MARCOUX and Command Sisters. As always, if you dig what you’re hearing, be sure to stream and follow these artists.

St. Vincent – Beloved global superstar Annie Clark, best known as St. Vincent, has returned with her new single “Pay Your Way In Pain”, the first release from her forthcoming sixth album Daddy’s Home. “Pray Your Way In Pain” is a sleazy slice of 70s-inspired glam rock with a heaping side of funk. It’s reminiscent of what Bowie and Prince were doing without ever sounding derivative. That vibe is set to be carried throughout the album as well as touching on St. Vincent’s relationship with her father. Giving more insight on what to expect from “Daddy’s Home”, the statement reads: “In the winter of 2019, as MASSEDUCTION’s title track won the GRAMMY for Best Rock Song and the album won Best Recording Package, St. Vincent’s father was released from prison. She began writing the songs that would become Daddy’s Home, closing the loop on a journey that began with his incarceration in 2010, and ultimately led her back to the vinyl her dad had introduced her to during her childhood. The records she has probably listened to more than any other music in her entire life. Music made in sepia-toned downtown New York from 1971-1975.”

Listen to St. Vincent’s new single “Pay Your Way In Pain” below.

Andreas Moss – After giving us some playful hip-hop-flavoured singles, Swedish singer-songwriter Andreas Moss is out with “Real Love”, a glittery dance-pop anthem. With its thumping club beat and Moss’ soaring vocals, “Real Love” is exactly what we need more of right now. Formerly a Christian artist, Moss has embraced being an out gay performer and that translates into his music. Not bound by the confounds of genre, Moss’ recent releases give us a taste of the versatility we can expect from the Sidewalk Records recording artist’s forthcoming album The Perhaps Existence of Andreas Moss. On what inspired the writing of “Real Love”, Andreas Moss says: “I wrote it at a time when I didn’t know up from down and just felt completely lost, ever in the pursuit of trying to find what true love really was and what it really meant.”

Listen to Andreas Moss’ new single “Real Love” below.

MARCOUX – For quite some time now, a lot of the most exciting new music has been coming out of Canada and MARCOUX is looking to keep that streak going. After steadily releasing singles over the past 6 months, growing a loyal fanbase, and hitting over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, the Quebec City entrepreneur turned artist is out with his new single “Prada” and for the first time, an official music video. As you would expect from the name, “Prada” is a highly stylish tune with a truly hypnotic melody that sees MARCOUX name-checking luxury brands Prada and Gucci throughout. MARCOUX’s lowkey rap-sung delivery adds to the seductive trap-pop vibes. Get on board, MARCOUX is definitely an artist on the rise and one you can expect to see much more from in 2021.

Listen to MARCOUX’s new single “Prada” below.

Boslen – From Vancouver to the world, Boslen continues to show why he’ll be Canada’s next big star with his new single “DENY” featuring Tyla Yaweh. The second single from Boslen’s forthcoming debut album, DUSK to DAWN, sees the 22-year old performer of Jamaican and Indigenous Canadian descent giving us major emo-rap vibes with a dash of pop-punk. “DENY” is the relatable tale from Boslen of a relationship ending and the fraught period of self-reflection that follows. Florida rapper Tyla Yaweh jumps on the track, injecting it with his own unique flavor. Reflecting on the making of “DENY”, Boslen says: “This is probably the most important song I’ve ever made. It is the only song I’ve ever made that right when I made it I started crying. It felt like a weight off of my chest, like I finally acknowledged the fact that what I wanted the most at one point in my life was the worst thing for it.”

Listen to Boslen’s new single “DENY” ft. Tyla Yaweh below.

Command Sisters – No strangers to the What’s Going On column, Canadian duo Command Sisters are back with “Rain On My Parade”, their heavy-hitting new single via 21 Entertainment/Universal Music Canada/Republic Records. The Toronto duo consisting of sisters Charlotte and Sarah get raw and a little more personal, opening up about a traumatic experience. More serious than what we’re used to hearing from the duo, this very well could be one of the most important singles of 2021. On what inspired the lyrics of “Rain On My Parade”, the sisters say: “This song and subject matter is something most people can connect with – whether it’s mental health causing havoc in your life, a toxic relationship, or the pandemic and financial struggles. Bad things happen to good people all the time. Writing “Rain On My Parade” was the release of all those feelings we had bottled up.”

Listen to Command Sisters’ new single “Rain On My Parade” below.

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