Last Chance To Vote For A New Member Of The X-Men

As a longtime X-Men fan, and one who feels significantly invested in the current X-stories under the guidance of Jonathan Hickman, I absolutely LOVE that I have a chance to determine the final member of the new team of X-Men. And guess what – so do you!

In the current run of X-Men, Cyclops and Jean Grey are putting together a new team, one that’s determined by the inhabitants of the mutant nation of Krakoa. It’s a bold concept – usually, in the stories, an X-team comes together by circumstance, so having mutants actually get to have their voices hear helps move unity within Krakoa forward.

Which brings us to the fan-voting that we all can be a part of. Marvel and the X-team have laid out a bunch of characters that we can choose from.

X-Men Ballot Nominations* include:

1.      Banshee

2.      Polaris

3.      Forge

4.      Boom-Boom

5.      Tempo

6.      Cannonball

7.      Sunspot

8.      Strong Guy

9.      Marrow

10.  Armor

You have until 11:59 pm ET, Tuesday, February 2nd to cast your vote at Straight up, I voted for Polaris. She’s got the power along with some interesting psychology, and I’d like to see her return to the main team.

The new member will be revealed, along with the full X-Men team, will be unveiled during the Hellfire Gala in Marvel comics this June.

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