The Week in Horror: Moon Knight, Evil Dead, John Carpenter, Samaritan

Happy Monday, fiends! Its time for your weekly round up of horror news high lights. Buckle up for a fast rundown, starting with news about our favorite meme generating Marvel anti-hero…

Moon Knight, he who is forever in pursuit of getting his god damn money from that fucking nerd Dracula, is finally making his live action debut via a new Disney+ series, starring Poe Dameron himself, Oscar Isaac. What does any of this have to do with horror? Aside from the fact that Moon Knight debuted in the pages of Werewolf By Night and has consistently embraced horror storylines across more than 40 years of stories? Several episodes are set to be directed by Spring/The Endless directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead! With Disney embracing absolute madness with WandaVision and dipping into horror with Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, hopefully they’ll be letting the duo off the chain to embrace a dark vision for Moon Knight. What I’m a little more worried about is whether or not we’re actually going to be getting Isaac in a real Moon Knight suit, considering Disney’s habit of downplaying most of Marvel’s character designs. Not up to speed on who exactly Moon Knight is? Here’s a handy video from Marvel Entertainment…

So we know there’s a new Evil Dead video game on the way with multiple playable characters from the movies and TV series. Now we know that Ray Santiago will be providing the voice for his show’s character, Pablo, in the game, who will also be a playable character! I really think Pablo was the lovable heart of the series as Ash’s sidekick and was a great addition to the world of the Evil Dead. I am super excited to play this game. The old Playstation 2 Evil Dead game was a lot of fun and this will be the first new ED game since then.

We know legendary director/musician John Carpenter is dropping his latest album, Lost Themes III, on February 5th and now we have a new music video for “Alive After Death,” which is a collaboration between Carpenter and illustrator Boneface. The video is as pretty as it is bad ass, check it out..!

With Adam Egypt Mortimer’s Arch-Enemy now streaming and the follow up to Overlord from director Julius Avery, Samaritan, on the way and both featuring original super hero properties (not to mention 2019’s Brightburn) it seems that Hollywood is pulling away from simply doing adaptations of old IP and taking some bold steps into the world of super heroes with some serious muscle. Samaritan stars Sylvester Stallone (at 73 years old!) as an aging super hero who disappeared 20 years earlier after a dark tragedy. I’m in!

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