Holiday Gift Guide 2020: ‘Pearl Jam: Art of Do The Evolution’ Highlights The Creation Of A Classic Music Video

Hail hail, Pearl Jam fans! IDW Publishing and legendary rock band Pearl Jam have teamed up to release Pearl Jam: Art of Do The Evolution.

With more time than ever now to revisit and rediscover art that we loved in the past, Pearl Jam: Art of Do The Evolution is the perfect holiday gift for the die-hard PJ fan or music lover in your life. Written and co-edited by Joe Pearsan, who also was co-producer of the “Do the Evolution” music video, Pearl Jam: Art of Do The Evolution is a 200-page, full-colour hardcover art book that shows the making of the music video for Pearl Jam’s Grammy-nominated hit “Do The Evolution,” 22 years after it’s release. 

The music video for ‘Do The Evolution’ shocked viewers with its bold imagery as it tackled environmental and societal issues, leaving an indelible mark on Pearl Jam fans. Largely considered to be one of the best music videos of all-time, it was directed by Todd McFarlane (creator of Spawn) and Kevin Altieri (Batman: The Animated Series).

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder was a huge fan of the Spawn animated series that aired for three seasons on HBO between 1997 and 1999 and approached McFarlane to create a music video in that same darker animation style. Todd McFarlane even wrote the forward for Pearl Jam: Art of Do The Evolution, stating: “In this book, you’ll see and read about some of the process of how we pulled off such a Herculean task… It’s filled with so many wonderful examples of how dozens of creative people come together to put together what would soon become a Grammy-nominated video.”

Getting to see the storyboards and animation cells from the music video as well as insight from everyone involved in bringing Eddie Vedder’s ideas to life makes this a book with tons of reread value. From tight deadlines (they had twelve weeks to make everything happen) and dealing with MTV’s censors, it wasn’t all smooth sailing but it resulted in a four-minute music video that has stood the test of time. MTV partly censored a Vietnam war scene that depicted napalm bombs being dropped on a South East Asian village and raised concerns about other sequences in the music video.

As someone who grew up watching the “Do The Evolution” music video on TV and was transfixed by what I saw, I can safely say that Pearl Jam: Art of Do The Evolution by Joe Pearsan will be a great gift not just for Pearl Jam fans but by anyone interested in comic art or music video buffs as well.

You can purchase Pearl Jam: Art of Do The Evolution here.

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