The Week in Horror: Castle Freak, Swamp Thing, WB/HBO Max

Hello, fiends! Hope you’re all safe and healthy.

I spent part of my Sunday listening to a Barcelona dark wave/post-punk band called Belgrado. Their album, Obraz, came out in 2016. They’re not “horror punk,” but I can see a fair number of you finding them right up your alley, even if you don’t understand Spanish. Dig it…

Did you see the Barbara Crampton produced remake of Stuart Gordon’s Castle Freak hit Shudder yesterday? I watched it last night. Pros; Lovecraft fan service, exceptional gore. Cons: the characters and the actors playing the characters. There are way too many dude bros that need to die in this film, so, unlike the original, it was harder to root for anyone. Despite that, I liked what they were going for and that they seemed to be building towards a bigger Lovecraft universe of films, or could be anyway. I had other likes and dislikes, but I’m not ready to write a full review just yet, so I’ll leave it at that and share the trailer with you.

A new Swamp Thing monthly series is launching in March with Ram V writing and Mike Perkins on art. This will be after a two issue mini-series tie-in to Future State, where Swampy sounds a bit like a despot. I haven’t been in a comic shop in two years, so I feel very out of the loop on a lot of things, but its nice to see a new Swamp Thing monthly is on the way. I wasn’t super into where the last series had started to go, even though I really liked Charles Soule’s writin; it just felt like it was straying from the darker horror aspects I generally prefer. In the mean time, the DC Universe series continues to replay on the CW while the regular CW DC-verse is in a delayed production due to Covid. I highly recommend this show. Derek Mears is a perfect Swamp Thing and the make up effects are straight out of the comic.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, that Warner Brothers is sending all their 2021 films and this December’s Wonder Woman 1984 to HBO Max. This includes The Conjuring 3 and King Kong vs Godzilla. At $14.99 a month I was going to have to cancel three existing subscriptions to afford it, but this certainly ups the value of the streaming service. This isn’t great news for theaters, but honestly, no one should be in a fucking theater until the Covid vaccine is out. The government should bail out the theater industry, but we shouldn’t be expected to risk our lives and families’ lives to keep them afloat. We don’t trade human life for commerce. We will be able to go to the movies and concerts again soon enough. For now, with new cases continuing to skyrocket, we need to hold the line, stay inside as much as possible, wear the mask, and stay the hell a way from each other. The end is in sight, how many we lose along the way is up to us.

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