31 Days Of Horror 2020 Presents The Week in Horror: Creepshow, Evil Dead Rise, Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Happy Monday, fiends!

There’s still some time before we get season two of Shudder’s Creepshow, but on October 29th we’re getting a Creepshow animated special! There will be two stories, one based on Stephen King’s “Survivor Type” and the other on Joe Hill’s “Twittering from the Circus of the Dead.” The art style looks awesome and I’m really excited about this one. Season one was pretty great overall.

This past Friday, Joe Bob and Darcy the Mail Girl returned for The Last Drive-In’s Halloween Hideaway. The double feature was the more recent Haunt, which I really liked a lot and 1987’s Hack-O-Lantern, which I’ve never actually seen before, so that frigging ruled. The movie is a bit of a mess, but totally fun and watchable. Haunt, on the other hand, is effectively creepy and well made with a group of sinister killers with very cool masks. It’s part of the “oh shit this is actually happening” sub-genre of horror.

So, we know there’s a new Evil Dead movie coming at some point in the next couple of years. It will be called Evil Dead Rises and will be directed by Hole in the Ground’s Lee Cronin. The film will apparently be in universe, but like Fede Alverez’s Evil Dead, it will not feature Ash Williams, but another new female hero and will have an urban setting. All this sounds fantastic and Cronin gets into more details for his vision on the latest Boo Crew Podcast.

In the I-Didn’t-See-That-Coming department, Ben fucking Wheatley will direct The Meg 2, with Jason Statham returning to the role of Jonas Taylor. The director of High Rise, Sightseers, The Kill List, and the new Netflix remake of Rebecca, will return to world of the ancient mégalodon shark wreaking havoc on the modern oceans. I really liked the first movie a lot, which was based on the series of Steve Alton novels. I hope the studio lets Wheatley off the fucking leash to deliver a bloody good ride!

Back to Fede Alvarez, a new teaser image along with some info on the film’s direction dropped for the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film he’ll be producing with David Blue Garcia directing. They’re saying this will be a continuation of the original, but doesn’t specifically say it will ignore the other sequels, Considering we’ve already had one film in the series do that and two different prequels, does continuity even matter anymore? I’m not familiar with Garcia’s work, but I trust Alvarez and I think we may be in for one of the best TCM’s of the franchise, calling it now.

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