What’s Going On: Shea Diamond, High Contrast, Møme & Ricky Ducatti, Camp Crush, Melanie Pfirrman

This week’s edition of What’s Going On features new music from Shea Diamond, DJ High Contrast, dance duo Møme & Ricky Ducatti, new wave duo Camp Crush and Melanie Pfirrman. As always, if you dig what you’re hearing, be sure to stream and follow these artists.

Shea Diamond – The brilliant Shea Diamond has lent her incredible vocals to HBO Max’s docu-series about the LGBTQ+ movement Equal by singing ‘So Lucky’, the theme song. Written by Diamond, Eren Cannata, Shawn Wasabi and Justin Tranter, ‘So Lucky’ speaks to the gripping stories and obstacles that LGBTQ+ people face. The vocal delivery from the New York-based Diamond coupled with the powerful lyrics ensures that ‘So Lucky’ will stay with you long after listening. Of the new single, Shea Diamond says: “This song talks about simple luxuries white cis straight men have that they take for granted, like being able to go for a jog at night without being afraid for your life.” ‘So Lucky’ is available on all streaming platforms via East West Records and ADA Worldwide.

Listen to Shea Diamond’s new single ‘So Lucky’ below.

High Contrast – Welsh DJ/producer/remixer High Contrast has released his new single ‘Rhythm Is Changing’ ft. LOWES. Lincoln Barrett, best known as High Contrast, is on top form with ‘Rhythm Is Changing’. The drum and bass breaks and old school house piano give the song a healthy dose of nostalgia. It’s no surprise the track was named Hottest Record with Annie Mac on October 12, 2020. On the inspiration behind ‘Rhythm Is Changing’, High Contrast says: “I was inspired by proto-jungle / hardcore records from the early 90s by the likes of The House Crew that had a seemingly ever-changing structure with frequent switches and variations, an approach I hadn’t heard in many recent tracks. I balanced this potentially hectic structure out by keeping the elements beyond the drums and bass in the tune to the essentials – big piano riff, haunting vocal hook, vintage strings (and a couple of bleeps).”

Listen to High Contrast’s new single ‘Rhythm Is Changing’ (ft. LOWES) below.

Møme & Ricky Ducatti – Møme & Ricky Ducatti are back with ‘They Said’, another bop from this dynamic duo. The new single from French producer Møme and Canadian singer Ducatti can be best described as retro-futuristic, with one foot firmly in the 80s and another pushing forward into the future of dance music. This bop follows up their hit ‘Got It Made’ as a taste of what’s to come from their upcoming album Flashback FM, set to be released early next year. On what inspired ‘They Said’, Møme & Ricky Ducatti said: “We’re living in a time where there’s much to stand up and fight for. ‘They Said’ is about always holding true to what you love and believe in. We’ve all encountered situations in life where we’ve been faced with the decision of whether to leave things be or stand up.”

Listen to Møme & Ricky Ducatti’s new single ‘They Said’ below.

Camp Crush – New wave duo Camp Crush have released a new music video of their song ‘Fangirl’, a perfect slice of 80s inspired synth-pop. Jen Deale and Chris Spicer, the members of Camp Crush, met in 2010 and bonded over their shared love of bands like The Cure, New Order, Berlin and the National. After getting married, the pair formed Camp Crush and set out to blaze their own musical trail. As a result of the global standstill, the Portland duo worked virtually with producer Rian Lewis (Doja Cat, Gorillaz, Chromeo) from recording sessions at home, sending parts back and forth. ‘Fangirl’ is the first single to be released from those home recording sessions. On what inspired ‘Fangirl’, Jen Deale says: “I wanted to write a song that could transcend these darker days and give people a reason to dance.” Mission accomplished.

Listen to Camp Crush’s new single ‘Fangirl’ below.

Melanie Pfirrman – Coming off the success of her song ‘Suda’ with Pitbull and IAMCHINO from earlier this year, Melanie Pfirrman is back with hew new single, ‘Rosé’. The fun flirty dance track likens the object of her affection to being as intoxicating as rosé. Written by Melanie, along with Andreas Moss, Zashanell Guido and Alfonso Ordoñez, ‘Rosé is a can’t miss bilingual party jam. ‘Suda’ was featured on popular television programs Love Island and World Of Dance and also spawned the TikTok dance challenge #SudaChallenge, with the largely Gen Z TikTok user base showcasing their best moves. In addition to ‘Suda’, Melanie was also recently featured on ‘En Mis Tacones’ with Colombian artist Fanny Lu. Mixing Cumbia grooves with tropical melodies and a swagger that’s all her own, it’s clear that Melanie Pfirrman is here to stay.

Listen to Melanie Pfirrman’s new single ‘Rosé’ below.

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