Figure Friday: TMNT, Avengers: Endgame Final Battle Figs + Lazy Robots Grumble

It’s Friday which can only mean that this bastard of a week is drawing to a close..and that it’s Figure Friday!

Now, I do have some toys to write about, of course, but sometimes being in your 40’s means that the two most exciting purchases you make in a week are a new nose hair trimmer and a new crockpot. I honestly don’t even know why I bothered with the trimmer because thanks to, you know, the world and wearing masks no one has been close enough to judge me in at least six months.

Before we get into it, I would heartily encourage you to check out Toy Galaxy’s most recent YouTube video on the state of toy collecting in 2020. He’s saying what we’re all thinking!

TMNT Raphael.jpg

Mega Construx: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael

We’re going to start small this week, then go BIG, and then back to small again.

Every now and then something comes out of the proverbial left field that I end up collecting, like this here TMNT mini-figure. Last year, they produced a Leonardo for this line and I was hooked due to it being a pretty amazing little figure. They’re super-poseable and while the human characters (from other licensed properties like Halo or Masters of the Universe) end up looking blocky the Turtles are perfectly proportioned.

These mini-figures are also painted in such a way to resemble the very early Eastman & Laird art from the original Mirage comics run. Raphael comes with a red mask (obviously) and two sais. If you can track down a Leonardo he has interchangeable blue and red masks so you can either be a Mirage purist or make them resemble their counterparts in all other media over the last 35 years.

Finally, the best part about this figure was that it rang up at ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR at Walmart.

S.H. Figuarts

An eternity ago I preordered the S.H. Figuarts Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Mark LXXXV (Final Battle Edition) and Captain America (Final Battle Edition) which got delayed due to, you know, the world. I eventually had to cancel those and order through another retailer that foolishly had a “no exceptions” coupon code I was able to finesse into a hearty discount.

These two ended up sitting at the local post office distribution hub from July 18th until yesterday. A minor trifle as far as I’m concerned, I’m just glad I wasn’t waiting on medication or trying to, oh, I don’t know…vote in an upcoming election.

Down to brass tacks: These two figures are exceptional. I had missed out on the “standard” releases of both these last year and BOY am I glad I did! The initial releases were designed so as to not spoil Endgame so you got basic Cap and Iron Man figures which is all well and good. But where these two really shine is with the accessories.

The figures are decked out with a darker paint wash which makes them appear as dirty as they did during their final showdown with Thanos. Captain America comes with a broken shield (as well as a normal one), three interchangeable heads, multiple sets of hands, and, AND a Mjolnir complete with lightning effects.

Captain America.jpg

Iron Man has a similar paint deco along with the obligatory Shell-head and an RDJ Tony Stark head. Also included are multiple hands, blast effects, weapons, a bladed hand, and energy shield. Now, there IS a more expensive “I Am Iron Man” edition that comes with MORE battle damage, energy effects, and interchangeable “snap” hands but that may only be for the die-hard diorama builders out there.

iron man mark IV

Magoob Toys: Lazy Robots Grumble

I was going to include this in the last column but wanted to wait until I actually had it in-hand before writing about it.

A limited edition collaboration from Magoob Toys and Rumble of the rockin’ robot band The Cybertronic Spree, this non-transforming not-Transfomer is a resin micro cassette is a must for fans of the band. If I recall correctly, these were originally going to be sold at the band’s merch table during the 2020 “Party ‘til We Break” tour which got delayed because of, you know, the world.


I was honestly sweating at the prospect that I may not have been able to get one of these while the band was on tour since the Michigan date was right in the middle of things and these not-toys were limited to only FIFTY pieces. While the tour got delayed for the greater good, Magoob and Rumble decided to put these online for sale and you KNOW I was on that site as soon as it went live.

It’s a great piece and it’s perfectly in line with other things that Magoob has produced. I stopped at the Magoob both at last year’s Fan Expo in Toronto (remember conventions?) and purchased a “Gremblin” if I recall correctly. I really dig what they do and I’m hoping to see more stuff like this from them in the future.

As of this writing there may still be a few of these left so get in there before I order another one for myself to open while I keep my #15 mint-on-card.

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