Figure Friday Beams Up Picard’s Commbadge and Glow In The Dark Robocop

Figure Friday is BACK and I’m here to talk about the hottest product that’s absolutely flying off the shelves right now…TOILET PAPER.

Yes, it’s true, there is not a single scrap of butt-tape to be found in my corner of southeast Michigan and if you’re reading this and thinking of stocking up now, it’s already too late. Just yesterday I had popped over to my local Target store to pick up some cat food and circle back for that Earthrise Optimus Prime I had passed on last time (spoiler: it was gone) and I beheld the sight of aisles empty of paper products.

I’m not sure how hoarding the stuff is going to help fend off a global pandemic. I mean, once infrastructure collapses you won’t be able to flush the stuff away. The real crime here is that I just discovered the Cottonelle brand of shit tickets that come infused with vitamin E and aloe. At least I got to experience the finer things in life before the end.

Hey! How about some toy and collectible talk!

Fansets: Star Trek Picard Delta

One of the things I was looking to do while at C2E2 was up my pin game. A well-placed lapel pin can add a touch of style to a boring old sport coat as well as throw up a big nerdy red flag to people that may try to talk to you about sports or something. I managed to strike out on finding a Star Trek communicator pin that suited my needs so I ended up walking away empty-handed.

Lucky for me that Fansets is offering the new and improved Starfleet commbadge as seen in Star Trek: Picard. The pin itself is a riff on the future communicator that was seen in the TNG finale All Good Things but with a decidedly darker hue which is indicative of where Starfleet is philosophically during the events in Picard.

The pin is an absolute steal at only $9.95 US and is scaled slightly smaller than a normal 1:1 replica would be. Also available is a Starfleet “Visitor” badge and a pin of the Picard family crest.


Super7: RoboCop ReAction

One of my several weaknesses is being an absolute sucker for merchandise that is glow-in-the-dark. If I had to guess where this sprung from it would have to be that the gimmick was seriously in vogue during the 1980s and the addition of said gimmick was that it made the figure special.

Not too long ago I purchased one of the ReAction Masters of the Universe line (ScareGlow) specifically because it glows. I’ve got no real connection to the character but I would have to be out of my goddamn mind to pass on a figure that is a GLOWING SKELETON. I can literally think of nothing cooler at this moment (maybe a 24-pack of toilet paper).

Anyways, Super7 is continuing their streak of making all the action figures we 40-year olds really wanted in the 1980s by kicking out these sweet GitD RoboCop figures. I want them all (even though the two RoboCops are barely different, I don’t care). They get extra props for making Emil Antonowsky as we all remember and love him best.

They’re available for preorder NOW.




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