‘Onward’ Dunks On ‘The Way Back’ At The Box Office

A new Pixar film arrived in theatres this week amidst the escalating fear of the Coronavirus, but that didn’t stop audiences from making it the number one film at the box office.

Onward debut on top with an estimated $40 million. That’s well in-line with what pundits had been anticipating even without the influence of the virus. Onward was released slightly off-season for Pixar and, while it’s been getting strong reviews, the general consensus is that the film is a slighter offering than the studio usually delivers. It will be interesting to see what sort of legs the film has over the next few weeks, especially as more and more countries feel the effect of the Coronavirus.

As for the rest of the top five, The Invisible Man dropped to second place with $14.5 million, but had a hold of 49%, an excellent performance for a so-called “horror” film. Ben Affleck’s The Way Back had a lackluster third place debut, bringing in an $8.4 million. This isn’t surprising; as we suggested on Friday, a drama that hits so close to real life for Ben was never going to be a big performer.

Sonic The Hedgehog was in fourth place with $8.2 million, while The Call of the Wild closed things out in fifth place with $7.2 million.

So, to recap, here were our predictions:

1) Onward – $45 million
2) The Invisible Man – $13 million
3) Sonic The Hedgehog – $10 million
4) The Call of the Wild – $9 million
5) The Way Back –  $7 million

And here’s how the weekend is estimated to turn out:

1) Onward – $40 million
2) The Invisible Man – $14.5 million
3) The Way Back – $8.4 million
4) Sonic The Hedgehog – $8.2 million
5) The Call of the Wild –  $7.2 million

Next weekend sees the release of The Hunt, Bloodshot, and I Still Believe. Be sure to check back on Friday to see our predictions!

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