Figure Friday Looks At The New Batman 1989 Figure From Mezco One:12

It’s Figure Friday! There’s a lot of toy stuff to talk about and only a limited time with which to do it because Friday only comes but once a week. However, the spirit of Figure Friday lives in your heart all week long!

Mezco One:12 Batman – 1989 Edition

Mazzo Bat.jpg

I’ve covered some of the Mezco One:12 figures here in previous installments of the column and while they’re not something I’m particularly interested in, I may have finally come around on them. Mezco announced this week the One:12 Batman 1989 Edition would be coming later this year and this looks like the figure that fans of Burton’s Batman movie have been waiting thirty (one) years for.

In the past three decades, we’ve gotten some impressive Bat-figures but this one is plastic perfection. It looks like it just stepped off the movie screen and comes with alternate heads, hands, a cape, and all of those wonderful toys. I cannot get over how good the photographs of this figure look and I can’t wait to see what it looks like in person.

The figure went up for preorder this week and, as it would appear, promptly sold out. The good news is that Mezco has a waitlist you can sign up for RIGHT NOW. This fine figure will set you back $110 USD (the should have just made it $112, missed branding opportunity right there).

DC Multiverse


In my last column, I wrote a bit about the new McFarlane DC Multiverse figures being announced. By the time of publication I was already seeing reports online of the figures hitting stores in the eastern United States. The following Monday I went to my local Target store specifically to buy a new vacuum cleaner and NOT toys and just so happened to find most of the Multiverse line haphazardly tossed onto a shelf at the end of an aisle. In an attempt to make my purchasing of a new vacuum germane to the story at hand, do you know how far out of control your life has to be to facilitate the purchasing of a new vacuum? My previous vacuum, which was only a few years old, could not handle the level of filth I was throwing at it and died. I am only one man and apparently too much for one moderately priced Hoover.

But I digress.

Of course Target didn’t have the Multiverse figures that I was looking for (Nightwing and Green Arrow for those keeping score at home) so I left empty-handed. Well, empty-handed with a Dirt Devil. However I did take a close look at the figures that were on display and I have some initial impressions.

The 7-inch scale makes these things look MASSIVE. They’re only one inch larger than the previous DC figures but you’ll be amazed what a difference one inch can make (Please grow up – Ed.). I’m not a that broken up about them being out of scale with literally every other premium format figure available at retail but I can see how some collectors would be a bit put off. The paint applications varied wildly from figure to figure, specifically, the Batman figures I looked at both had traces of overspray from where the skin meets the mask portion of the head.

I wasn’t crazy about the DC Animated figures that were part of the line as I’m partial to the DC Direct versions of the Animated characters. But seeing as these are designed for the mass market, it’s cool that someone who is a big Justice League Unlimited or Batman: The Animated Series fan may now be able to get their hands on a figure they previously didn’t have access to.

For now, I’m going to keep hunting for the Multiverse figures that I’m after. I have the feeling they’ll need a close inspection prior to me plunking down some cash for them.

S.H. Figuarts: Spider-Man Far From Home (Upgraded Suit)

Also in my last column I wrote about how I made it rain on some new import figures and…one of them arrived this week!

In the interest of good storytelling, I will now disclose that when I ordered these figures I was not aware that they were being shipped from outside of the US. I had figured that even though I was ordering from an Amazon seller the items would be shipped domestically…how wrong I was.

When I had received notification of the shipment I logged back into check the tracking number only to be greeted with a Japan Post tracking number. Past experiences have made me a little nervous when dealing with international shipping because I got smoked not once, but twice by sellers that provided bogus shipping numbers and had absconded with my cash. In both those situations, the website insured the transaction but it was a whole thing to get my money back.

Now that I’ve gotten that cautionary tale out of the way…this figure is pretty sweet! The Far From Home Spider-Man has corrected some of the (minor) issues I had with my Homecoming version of the figure. The figure’s belt is now part of the sculpt and no longer a separate piece that “floats” on the figures hips. Additionally, the interchangeable eyes now sit flush with the figure’s head. The paint applications on this figure are super fresh and it looks, well, Amazing, Spectular etc.

The only cloud in this silver lining is the shoulder articulation has changed a bit from the previous model and I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet. All things said, it’s a great Spider-Man and I recommend getting your hands on one if you’re so inclined!


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