X-Men #1 Sets A Subtle Stage For New Stories

It’s the Dawn of X, as the first issue of the ongoing X-Men run drops today following the massive House of X/Powers of X duel series.

X-MenX-Men #1
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artists: Leinil Francis Yu and Gerry Alanguilan

The issue kicks off in the thick of things, as a team consisting of Cyclop, Storm, Magneto and his daughter Polaris taking down an Orchis building, where they encounter a group of kidnapped mutants, including one that disappears quickly after meeting Storm. The team return to their home base of Krakoa, where Cyclops has dinner with his extended family, including his visiting father Corsair and various Starjammers and the young version of Cable. We also learn that Orchis scientists may have the power of resurrection themselves, something that the X-Men also possess.

X-Men #1 continues along the path Hickman laid out previously and as I read I found myself wondering how long it will be until the X-Men become the big bads of the Marvel Universe. At one point Magneto refers to himself, Cyclops and Polaris as “gods”, and I just don’t see that mentality going over well with the rest of the Marvel U.

The Summers family gathering was also interesting, mainly because Wolverine was part of the proceedings, and in the layout of the Summer home, located on the Blue Side of the moon, it’s clear that Jean Grey keeps her own room, with Cyclops and Logan on either side of her. That could make for some interesting storytelling going forward.

While it wasn’t as dramatic as the best HoX or PoX issues, X-Men #1 is a solid issue building on the foundation that’s been laid out.

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