31 Days of Horror 2019 Presents The Week In Horror: Zombies, Misery, and Creeps

Hola, fiends, and happy Sunday! October has begun and we’re rocking ’til Halloween with 31 Days of Horror here at Biff Bam Pop. I hope you’re enjoying all the cool articles my colleagues have posted up to this point.

What’s up with this week?

This weekend at New York Comic Con, DC Comics announced a four-figure tie-in to this year’s DCeased event, which plunged the DC U into a world of horror, with several covers paying homage to classic horror posters. The figures to be included are bloodied versions of Batman, Superman, Joker, and Harley.


Also at NYCC, was our first look at the new Walking Dead spin-off which looks fine and seems to be set after the events of the main series? Or maybe just in a less fucked area? I’m really out of the loop with The Walking Dead. I quit the comic after the death of Glen and likewise with the show and haven’t been able to bring myself to return to either since. I just thought it was cheap in both cases. I will say though, the trailer for the upcoming season looks kind of intriguing. The Whispers seem to be a decent addition to the story. The new season starts tonight. Check out the very cool first ten minutes below the new series trailer.

One thing I forgot to post last week was the new trailer for this month’s return of Hulu’s Castle Rock, the series that plays within the Stephen King universe without adapting any actual King stories. Last season was a really cool slow burn starring the ever wonderful Sissy Spacek as well as Melanie Lynskey, Andre Holland, Bill Skarsgard and Scott Glenn. The new series will be focus heavy on Annie Wilkes, the antagonist of King’s fantastic Misery, with Lizzy Caplain playing a younger version of the character famously played by Kathy Bates.

Are you loving the new Creepshow series on Shudder? I am! Two episodes out so far with two segments each, the first story of episode two was co-written by splatter punk veteran David J Schow and stars Jeffery Combs and is possibly my favorite of the four so far, reminding me a lot of the “Fiends of the Eastern Front” from 2000AD Magazine.

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