Exclusive Interview: Orlando Arocena Discusses Creating ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ 4K Cover Art

This Tuesday sees the 4K/Blu-ray/DVD release of X-MenDark Phoenix, the final X-Men film from the Fox, the cinematic caretakers of Xavier’s mutants for the last 20 years. To say X-Men: Dark Phoenix didn’t go over well with audiences would be an understatement; however, I’m someone that actually enjoyed the film a lot. You can read my review here.

While there are multiple places to pick up X-Men: Dark Phoenix on 4K, folks in the United States would do well to head to their local Target, where they can pick up the set with limited edition packaging courtesy of outstanding artist and graphic designer Orlando Arocena AKA Mexifunk.

Orlando and I had a chance to chat while he was in Toronto for Fan Expo Canada, where he was signing his gorgeous poster art for the film and I asked him about the X-Men, his work, and more.

On discovering the X-Men:

Orlando Arocena: I’m a kid of the 80s. I grew up between the Bronx and Mexico. I was a kid of the street, and the whole (X-Men) series, of being a mutant, trying to find your own community that you can basically be a part of, that’s what my crew back then were all about. We were our own kind of X-Men.

On creating the artwork for X-Men: Dark Phoenix

OA: I do a lot of commissioned work with Fox. I did a nineteen piece series for their horror films – Child’s Play, Carrie – they all were released around October/November. Having a really good relationship with Fox Home Entertainment, I got called to do Dark Phoenix.

You want to be unique, you want to be respectful. I remember doing as many sketches as possible, trying to find that unique spin.

Thoughts on X-Men: Dark Phoenix the film:

OA: Just like you, I really enjoyed it. It was given a bad rap too early for all the wrong reasons. What we need to do as an audience is to take a step back and realize that there’s individual who actually put their time and their heart into these productions. Just take a minute and put yourself in their shoes and go, “Damn, can I pull that off?”

You can pick up X-Men: Dark Phoenix on 4K at Target here

You can follow Orlando Arocena on Twitter here.

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