‘Pendulum’ Swings from Debauchery to Deliverance in 20 Minutes

What would your life be like if you were born knowing that the world would end in your twenties? Would you throw yourself into the pursuit of the meaning of life? Would you drink like there’s no tomorrow since there isn’t one? It’s a fascinating question that writer, director, and actress Lauren Cooney raises with her debut short film, Pendulum.

Cerys (Cooney) and her boyfriend Gwylim (Scott Michael Wagstaff) have been living a balls to the wall 24/7 party full of drugs, booze, and sex as a rip in space edges closer and closer to the earth. But Cerys doesn’t want to face the end of the world in such a hollow fashion. So they take a trip to India seeking salvation.

03 Pendulum Stills Secondary 3.jpg

Cooney expertly crafts a beautiful and, at times, harrowing adventure in a mere twenty minutes. Great acting all around and very nice special effects. This is a proof of concept film, a kind of warm-up for her in-development full length feature, Retrieval.  I think this is a talent to watch out for.

You can follow Pendulum and when/where you can see the film on Twitter at @PendulumMovie.


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