The Week In Horror: ‘Depraved,’ ‘Midsommar,’ ‘Darlin’,’ ‘The Girl on the Third Floor’

What the hell is up, fiends? I’m just sitting here with a big old plastic box of unmarked blank cassettes with a bunch of late 80s/90s punk, some of it rare, out of print, and/or forgotten (Boston’s August Spies? San Francisco’s Fuckface? Cletus?). But you’re here for horror news, right? Well, I’ve got horror news, fiends!

Larry Fessenden (founder of Glass Eye Pix, actor, producer, writer, and director of Wendigo, Habit, The Last Winter, among others) will debut his new film, Depraved, in New York City at What The Fest!? on Wednesday, March 20th at 7 pm. Shot on the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, veteran genre writer-director Larry Fessenden brings his unique vision of the literary classic in DEPRAVED, set in modern Brooklyn. This meditative reimagining of the novel explores the crisis of masculinity and ideas about loneliness, memory, and the subtle psychological shocks that shape us as individuals. It’s not easy to express how excited I am for this film. The Last Winter is one of my favorite horror films and Fessenden has appeared in a number of my favorite movies of the last several years (Mind’s Eye, Like Me, Late Phases). Frankenstein was one of my gateways into horror when I was very young and remains an ongoing object of affection. No word on when the film will release wide, but I imagine it will be on the festival circuit most of the year. I’ll keep you posted. You can follow the website HERE to keep up to date on showings and information as it comes available.

The trailer for Ari Aster’s new film Midsommar, dropped this week and reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, aside from a few snotty comments (yea, Wicker Man. Congratulations, you saw a movie once. Oh, and Hereditary is just Rosemary’s Baby? Uh, except Hereditary rocks its third act and doesn’t chicken out from showing the audience everything. Sit down.) A young woman reluctantly joins her boyfriend on a summer trip where things quickly go awry. I’m in. I loved Hereditary, I love Wicker Man. I think we’ll be talking about Ari Aster for a long time.

Another super exciting bit of news is Pollyanna McIntosh’s (Hap and Leonard, Walking Dead) follow up to Lucky McKee and Jack Ketchum’s The Woman will world premiere at SXSW. McIntosh wrote, directed, and stars in Darlin’ which picks up several years after The Woman. Darlin’ is the little girl from The Woman, that McIntosh’s character leaves with at the end of that film. In the new film, Darlin’ is in the care of a strict Catholic community, while McIntosh’s cannibalistic wild woman is living in a homeless encampment. No word on what happened to Lauren Ashley Carter’s character in the ensuing ten years, though.

Also premiering at SXSW is the directorial debut of Travis Stevens, who previously produced such amazing films as Jodorowsky’s Dune and Starry Eyes through his Snowfort Pictures. The Girl on the Third Floor stars  Phil Brooks (CM Punk) and Trieste Kelly Dunn as a couple who move into a Victorian home in dire need of repair. As Brooks’ character attempts to renovate the house himself, the stress starts to awaken something dark in him as the house’s own darkness begins to surface. Seriously, there’s no shortage of “most anticipated” horror films this year and The Girl on the Third Floor is right up there with anything you want to name. By the looks of the trailer, Stevens and company are going to knock it out of the park. Check it out!

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