A Birthday Tribute to Ric Flair (in The Man’s Own Words)

In the history of professional wrestling, there has never been anyone like the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Just ask him. Flair has never been one for humility or subtlety. Even when he’s not talking about his sexual prowess or his abundant wealth, Flair commands the attention of the audience with his cadence and hyperbole. Flair turns 70 today and, instead of telling you how great he is, let The Man tell you himself with some of his greatest promos of all time. None of these are really safe for work, depending on your work environment, so be advised: bad language and terrible attitudes are present in these videos.

Flair is known for his fine sense of fashion. Please admire his shoes.

Wondering where to find Ric Flair after his big match? He’ll tell you.

Flair even had a name for his… well, you know.

During his resurgence in the Nineties, Flair was embroiled in a battle with Eric Bischoff, the president of World Championship Wrestling. The quality of this video isn’t great, but it gets the point across. Ever get so mad you take your clothes off in front of thousands of people?

Wrestling is at its best when you can’t distinguish reality from the storylines. Here’s furious Flair going off on Bischoff, yet again.

Ric Flair’s influence on the current generation cannot be underestimated. You’ve heard “Ric Flair Drip,” right?

Happy birthday, Naitch. Long may you run.

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