Biff Bam Pop Kids Episode 7 – The Awesome Harley Quinn Unboxing

I don’t know how many of you parents out there can pinpoint a time when your child became obsessed with something. Me, though, I remember walking through Fan Expo Canada this past summer with the Princess, and listening to her start to talk about Harley Quinn. Just like that. She’d seen her on DC Super Hero Girls, but something suddenly clicked amongst the aisles of comics and toys. Suddenly, the Princess was a Harley fan.

Over the past few weeks she’s been getting her fill, thanks to our nightly watching of the new Batman: The Animated  Series Blu-ray set, which I should really write about one of these days.

On that note, in this edition of Biff Bam Pop Kids, watch as the Princess reveals her first Harley Quinn action figure, direct from The New Batman Adventures toyline.

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