Holiday Gift Guide: Thread Head Custom Clothing For The Well-Dressed Action Figure


One of the great online slanders you come across as an action figure is when someone calls your figures “dolls”. I mean… come on… it’s not like we want to dress our toys up in custom clothing or anything. Right?

Okay, fine. We totally do! And what better marriage of toys and clothing could there be then custom made wrestling shirts for your WWE Elite Collection?

None.  This is the best thing going and its thanks to the cool cats over at Thread Head Custom Clothing: Robert Licht and Gareth & Erica Grandon.  Launched in July of 2018, Thread Head began as a hobby and transformed into a business that includes custom belts, shirts, entrance wear and more from all the major pro-wrestling federation. They are actually the only place to get action figure sized versions of the enormously popular Bullet Club and Elite shirts. Want to create your own nWo or DX with your X-Men figures? Thread Head has you covered with those and any other shirt you can possibly think of.

They also make sweet Hart Foundation jackets, Balor Club leathers and, my personal favourite – the Woken Matt Hardy Cloak of Battle! My Elite Matt is proudly sporting his and looking sharp in the process.


Thread Head make customs for people who collect beyond wrestling as well, including Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Star Wars and more. They also happen to be really good folks that started a business catering to geeks like me, so I really appreciate what they do.

You can find @ThreadHeadCC all across your social media accounts with pics of the staggering number of options they have to make your dolls….er…. toys look absolutely wonderful as they stand proud in your glass cases. Be sure and tag them in any pics you post sporting their gear!

In the spirit of the holiday season, the Folks at have a special offer for our readers! Use promo code bifbampopBOGO and buy one shirt to get another FREE!

So want to get the perfect gift for the action figure junkie in your life? Visit Thread Head Custom Clothing and help them play dress up…er… suit their ACTION FIGURES up in the best, most authentic gear to be found anywhere.


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