The Leftscape Podcast: ‘Progressive Conversation: Half a Year (Episode 28)’

The first episode of The Leftscape posted on May 30, 2018, which means Wendy SheridanMary McGinley, and Robin Renée have been presenting their conversations on life, politics, and pop culture for just over half a year. As we are moving toward the end of the year when retrospectives are many, Robin, Mary, and Wendy decided to take some time out to reflect on the show so far. From 4th of July music and musings on patriotism in the Trump era to stirred up demons because of Brett Kavanaugh to a great interview about transitioning to limerick contest laughs, a lot has come together in the past six months. The Leftscape co-hosts are looking forward to learning, growing, and presenting much more progressive conversation well into the future.

In the news segment, everyone shares thoughts on the passing and mixed legacy of George H. W. Bush. Robin mentions an anti-fascist, anti-racist metal festival scheduled for January 25 and 26 called Black Flags Over Brooklyn. The week in observations and weird holidays include Human Rights Week, Ambrosia Day, Gingerbread House Day, Poinsettia Day, and Ding-a-Ling Day (The idea here is to call someone you haven’t spoken to for a while, but you could play the Chuck Berry song as well if you want to.). Birthday shout outs go to Frank Sinatra, Edvard Munch, Edward G. Robinson, Bob Barker, Dionne Warwick, Sheila E, Jennifer Connelly, Denny Dias, and others.

This retrospective episode also lets listeners in on some of the media Mary, Wendy, and Robin have been watching and listening to. Shows that get mentions include The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselMiss Sherlock, and the reboot of She-Ra, “A Squirrel’s Guide to Success,” and Rachel Maddow’s 7-episode podcast, Bag Man. Catch up with The Leftscape next week when the main topic will be a deeper meaning behind the new She-Ra, Episode 11.

The Leftscape – the shape of progressive conversation: “Progressive Conversation: Half a Year (Episode 28).”

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