Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Bob Ross

When you think of things that are soothing, the voice of the late Bob Ross comes to mind. The way he spoke, the things he painted, and his obvious love for both nature and his mother made him public television’s guru of calmness. Ross was Zen with an afro, and who couldn’t use a dose of that tranquility during the hectic holiday season?

Thankfully, the legacy of Bob Ross has stretched into the mainstream, and it is easier than ever to wrap Bob Ross up and put him under your happy little Christmas tree.

Bob Ross can teach anyone his famous wet-on-wet paint technique from beyond the veil with this Class in a Box. It includes paints, brushes, and a Bob Ross DVD with the man himself giving a lesson. There are instructions included for three different paintings. You’ll need to purchase canvases separately, though; the kit provides things to paint with, but nothing to paint on. Maybe that’s what walls are for.

Just seeing the smiling face of Bob Ross can change brainwaves and heart rates. Stare into his eyes and feel yourself relax. Imagine a tiny image of the man providing the only shred of peace in an office, or as the object of a miniature Bob Ross shrine! Let the centerpiece be this Bob Ross Funko Pop vinyl figure. It looks just like the man, only smaller. Surround it with small animals and place happy cotton clouds behind its head. The Bob Ross Funko figure beckons you to purchase it. You know what to do.

If the thought of Bob Ross in the morning seems like a good idea, consider giving this Bob Ross heat change mug. One of his paintings appears on the outside when hot liquid is poured into the cup. It’s perfect for herbal tea or decaffeinated coffee. You could also gift someone with this ceramic glass, covered with happy little trees. Drink water from it or set your brushes in it to dry. There are all kinds of practical uses for hollow things! No Bob Ross breakfast would be complete without this magical toaster, which imprints the ethereal image of Bob Ross’s face onto pieces of warm, crispy bread. Smear butter and jam all over him! He doesn’t care. This is your world. Put whatever you desire on your toast.

If none of that fits the bill, consider the Bob Ross Chia Pet. Spread the seeds onto his terra cotta head and wait for that green psuedo-hair to sprout. It is a glorious tribute to a man who loved nature so much, he spent decades attempting to capture it on canvas. Okay, it’s not attractive and more than a little odd, but surely someone on your list will like it. Right?

Bob Ross may not be the reason for the season, but these gifts capture the spirit of peace and love these times represent. Bob Ross was the essence of the holidays, and what says that better than these Bob Ross themed items? Lots of things, probably, but start with these.

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