Spider-Man’s ‘Turf Wars’ DLC review: Darker and Grittier, but Mainly Filler

Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC Turf Wars takes a dark turn for a series that is normally colourful and vibrant. The Maggia crime family, led by Hammerhead, is planning a complete takeover and killing everyone in their way, leaving Spidey and Yuri Watanabe to try and spoil their fun.

This DLC, the second in Marvel’s The City that Never Sleeps saga, is noticeably different from The Heist. It looks and feels darker, is significantly less stealthy and quite a bit more difficult. In The Heist, you relied a lot on stealthily dispatching enemies, but in Turf Wars I found myself in huge brawls that just kept escalating, often requiring retries and becoming really frustrating at times. There are new enemies that use jetpacks and shields, lunging at you Rhino-style and leaving harmful fires in their path – leading to interesting battlefields and upping the difficulty of the fights considerably.

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There are still side missions, new suits and collectables – the usual – but thankfully the Screwball missions are completely optional this time around. Mary Jane stealth missions – and Mary Jane herself – are also completely absent in this chapter, albeit for a quick phone call early on.

The story is centred around Spider-Man and Yuri, and really fleshes out her character, which is a welcome change from the way she was portrayed in the original game, which is simply as Spidey’s sometimes ally. I like her character and having her as a central character for a while is welcome. Miles also makes an appearance, though just like last time, it’s only on the phone. Understandable, as I’m almost certain that the next full game will have him as a main character, so they want to keep him fresh in the minds of the players without advancing his character arc too much.

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While the battles are fun and challenging, the story is pretty mediocre here. Hammerhead and his family are all violence and little planning – with the ending of this chapter involving him creating a super suit to fight Spidey with – which is almost the same as the ending to the real game. It’s clearly filler and a perfect second act, it doesn’t do any harm and sets us up for the finale Silver Lining, which is due out in December.

If you’ve played it, let us know what you think in the comments!

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