Trailer Time: ‘Fighting With My Family’ Brings Wrestling to the Big Screen

It’s about time we got a decent look at Fighting With My Family, the dramedy/biopic based on the true story of WWE superstar, Paige. Produced by Dwayne Johnson, who makes his electrifying presence known in the trailer, Fighting With My Family covers Paige’s journey from the pubs and bingo halls of England to the main roster of RAW. Personal family conflicts meet with in-ring confrontations, and the road to success is bumpy. Florence Pugh has the right bad attitude as Paige. Nick Frost is sufficiently gruff as her Mohawked father. Vince Vaughn as a road agent? Sure, I’ll buy that. And Dwayne Johnson is… well, he’s always Dwayne Johnson, and this time, he’s playing himself playing The Rock, and that’s more meta than one usually gets. Will Johnson be enough to draw non-fans to see Fighting With My Family when it opens? Will the movie deal with Paige’s scandalous personal life and career-ending injury? Who’s that kid playing a super-young Pete Dunne? Will you head to the cinema to see this film?



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