Songs in the Key of X Episode 1: Echo & the Bunnymen

Welcome to the first installment of Songs in the Key of X, a weekly music feature in which Jeffery X Martin talks about five his favorite songs. You can listen to all the songs in their entirety via video link, and X provides some commentary and insight of his own. It’s the tiniest radio show on the internet!

When the New Wave movement was cresting during the 1980s, a lot of musical acts found great success by sounding like other musical acts. This was never the case with Echo & the Bunnymen. From the get-go, Echo & the Bunnymen had a style all their own, instantly recognizable.  They had the nerve to be a predominantly guitar-based group while their contemporaries were programming Roland synthesizers, wearing wrap-around sunglasses and sporting skinny ties. It was a bold move, bursting into the 80s, knowing how to rock but not delving into hair metal. Echo & the Bunnymen were more than simply product. They were a band.

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