31 Days of Horror Presents The Week In Horror; ‘Friday the 13th,’ ‘Venom,’ Scott Wilson, ‘Pet Sematary’

Sunday blahs, kids. At least there’s horror, yea?

As reported last week, Horror Inc. lost to Victor Miller in the first round of their ongoing court battle over Friday the 13th. According to Bloody Disgusting, Miller only won rights to the original film and only inside the United States. Horror Inc. still controls hockey-masked Jason and are currently working on new projects. Details are vague at best and Miller will likely appeal. In the meantime, there’s another fan film called Vengeance which will involve Jason’s as yet unseen daddy, Elias, played by Jason Lives Jason, CJ Graham, and will feature Part 2‘s Jason, Steve Dash. Let’s all support that. Remember how good Never Hike Alone was?


Venom made $200 million this weekend, despite the critical smears. So suck it, Rolling Stone.


Scott Wilson, who most recently played Hershel on The Walking Dead has passed away. He was a seasoned actor who appeared in both The Ninth Configuration and Exorcist III. He was 76.


In Pet Sematary news, there’s a picture of a cat, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. So, I assume things are going well. I am actually looking forward to this remake, considering it’s my favorite Stephen King book and it’s being made by the dynamic duo behind Starry Eyes, which is Neon Demon for people who like plot and story structure.

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