31 Days of Horror Presents The Week In Horror: Halloween 6, Hold The Dark + More

Busy week in horror, huh? Rich frat guys getting away with sexual assault…oh wait, we should focus on fake horror for entertainment purposes. Seriously, more than a couple of times I had to get off social media and watch something gory as a palette cleanser! So let’s get to it, shall we?

Bloody Disgusting has a detailed break down of the recent development in the Victor Miller vs Sean Cunningham battle over the Friday the 13th franchise, now that Miller has won round 1 of that legal battle. Read about it HERE, but don’t get too excited. There’s still a lot to be settled before anyone is even going to talk new movies.

This weekend marked the 23rd anniversary of Halloween 6; The Curse of Michael Myers. If you know me you know how much I love the Thorn saga and the Producer’s Cut of this film is so damned good. With general excitement about the new Halloween getting closer and closer and early reviews being generally positive, not to mention the holiday being right around the corner, there has been much chatter online about the various sequels. While for the last several years fans have really come to defend the originally maligned Part 3: Season of the Witch, fans have been much slower to come around on Curse. Which strikes me as odd, especially with the Producer’s Cut.  Season involves a pagan cult using ancient rites and modern technology to bring Samhain back to it’s bloody roots and Curse does the same thing, but with more horror instead of science fiction. So why is it still referred to as “hot garbage?” Biff Bam Pop! is tackling the whole franchise in a review series leading up to the new film and I’ll personally be reviewing parts 4-6, where I’ll be defending these more maligned entries.

Jennifer Beals, who played Eva in 1985’s The Bride, has been cast as the sheriff in DC’s live action Swamp Thing series, which will star Derek Mears (F13 ’09) as Swamp Thing.

While I still haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, I’m hearing nothing but positive things about Jeremy (Murder Party, Blue Ruin, Green Room) Saulnier’s new film, Hold The Dark, which debuted on Netflix just a couple of days ago. It’s a dark psychological thriller about a wolf specialist in the Alaskan wilderness being summoned after a boy is killed by wolves. It looks to be as brutal, emotional, and fucked up as anything we’ve come to expect from Saulnier! The trailer alone is chilling…

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