The Week In Horror: ‘Halloween,’ ‘The Nun,’ ‘House By The Cemetery’

Happy Monday, sickos! Have you started your countdown to Halloween yet? I think we can officially say the season started for real Saturday night with the TIFF premier of David Gordon Green’s Halloween from Blumhouse. Our fearless leader, Andy Burns, was there and called it “outfuckingstanding,” so I think we can all feel safe in being exfuckingcited!

The Nun opened Friday night and is receiving predictably mixed reviews. It’s part of The Conjuring universe, spinning off from The Conjuring 2 specifically. The film is a period piece and offers a Hammer/Bava vibe.

Possibly the most heartwarming piece of news, for me, of the week is Eibon Press’s announcement (via a Bloody Disgusting exclusive) that Deadworld artist/co-creator Vincent Locke will be handling art duties for Fulci Comics’ three issue House By The Cemetery adaptation! Eibon/Fulci comics have already adapted Lucio Fulci’s classic Zombie and Gates of Hell (as well as ManiacLaserblast, and their original Bottomfeeder) in gorgeous slip sleeve editions, packed with a bunch of little extras. The comics have been explicitly violent and sexual in the best tradition of 80s and 90s underground horror comics, which Locke was a huge part of. Deadworld is the perfect zombie comic if you have zombie fatigue (and I would extend that to Fulci comics), as it offers a huge departure from the Romero formula and gives us a truly unique zombie apocalypse experience. Also, King Zombie is one of the coolest horror antagonists and needs a live action adaptation. (Fans of The Walking Dead will notice some glaring similarities, but keep in mind, Deadworld did it decades earlier!) Check out this crazy cool teaser by the Blood Brothers FX crew…

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