Biff Bam Pop! Is 10 Years Old And We Thank You

Today, Saturday, August 25th is Biff Bam Pop!’s 10 year birthday. Who would have thought this website that started off between a few friends would morph into a genuinely respected and well-read site for pop culture conversations?

It’s nice to still be here, and with a writing team that just may be the strongest we’ve had in the past decade. Having a group of committed and enthusiastic contributors is the actual key to keeping Biff Bam Pop! running, so to all the folks who are with us today, you have my thanks and gratitude.

We’ve also had wonderful writers come through the proverbial door over the past 10 years, all of whom gave us their time and talents. You know who you are, and you too have our thanks.

We’ve also had a couple of duds on board, but I’m happy to say those have been few and far between, and it mostly come down to personality conflicts, not talent.

The comic book industry was the first to give us their support, thanks to the fine folks in PR positions who were more than willing to work with us when we first started. We still have those relationships, even if the people have changed, and I like to think it’s indicative of the hard work we all put into Biff Bam Pop!

I’m not going to name everybody who has contributed to BBP! – there’s too many, and I’m sure I’d miss a few. But I do want to tip the hat to a few folks who have gone above and beyond in helping with social and editorial over the years – Corina Diaz, Leslie Hatton, Jeffery X Martin have all helped keep this place running, and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Of course, there’s you – the readers, who keep coming back, day after day, week after week, etc. We appreciate the fact that you want to read our words, and without you, there’s no us. Thank you to everyone who has read a review or column.

Finally, there have been two people whose impact and influence on Biff Bam Pop! and me personally must be acknowledged; the late, great Glenn Walker, a true pop culture guru and one of my dearest friends. I hope he’s still reading, and loving the work we’re doing. And my old friend, and the Princess’ Godfather, JP Fallavollita, the man who named this site and who has been here with me through the entire run. We can’t do Biff Bam Pop! without him.

Thank you for reading, and here’s to another 10 years!

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