The Week In Horror: The Blob, Halloween H20, American Horror Story, NECA

What’s up, fiends?? It’s time for your Week In Horror and it looks like we had a couple of birthdays this past weekend…

Turning 30, 1988’s The Blob remake is a pretty great example of how to do a proper remake. The original 1958 version, with Steve McQueen is pretty good, but its also slow and not particularly scary or suspenseful. The remake, however, delivers the scares and suspense with a heaping side of gore! Fast paced and mean spirited, ‘88s The Blob is a must see.

1998’s Haloween H20 is a whole lot of meh, on the other hand. Jamie Lee Curtis is great, it’s awesome her mom, Janet Leigh (Psycho) has a cameo…but it ignores all the sequels after 2, Michael’s mask is pretty weak, and the whole ordeal reeks of 90s teen slasher knock offs of Scream. I know H20 has its fans and its not a horrible movie by any stretch, but as a fan who invested and enjoyed 10 years of Thorn, only to have it erased unceremoniously, it really colors my opinion of the film as a whole.

I’m about three season’s behind on American Horror Story, but I’ve got motivation to get caught up for season 8; Apocalypse as Jessica Lange is set to return! As I understand it, the new season will be harkening back to Coven and Murder House, two of the best seasons. AHS returns September 12th on FX.

Oh and if you’re a fan of NECA’s incredible lines of horror and sci-fi action figures, which includes Freddy Kreuger, Jason Vorhees, the Predator, Xenomorphs, The Terminator, Chucky, and more, they’re available at Target nationwide as of this past Friday! My local store had Ultimate Editions of ANOES part 1 Freddy and F13; The Final Chapter Jason, retailing for $28.


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